Friday, October 20, 2017

Every Day Happenings

We've been rolling through October doing so many things, and the fun just keeps coming! Last week my friend Megan threw a play date baby shower for our friend, Hannah, who was due at the end of October. Well we saw her again on Friday afternoon, and she had her baby girl later that day! Baby shower just in time to stock her up on diapers and baby girl clothes! Of the friends that were at the shower, five have now had babies this year. It was fun seeing the June/July babies doing tummy time together. :)

Last Thursday, Noelle's school had their Race for Education. Each grade ran (or walked) for an hour, and Noelle pledged to run 20 laps. She made it around the little loop 24 times! Jonah, Clara, and I went to watch for a bit, and Noelle excitedly waved to us every time she came by. She told me later that when she was doing it, she decided it wasn't really her thing. But she did it without complaining, and surpassed her goal. It was pretty funny watching the kindergartners start their first loop, and stop at the water station before even making it all the way around. 

Sweet Clara is growing so much! She continues to be a mostly happy baby, but we have had a few rough nights since she has a cold. For being sick, she's still doing really well. And it just means mama needs more coffee! Also, I dressed her in the Oregon Ducks outfit someone gave us, and cannot remember who it's from. Maybe a Seattle relative? Our only connection to Oregon is that I was born there, but we don't know anyone who lives there now. Mystery outfit that was originally given to either Noelle or Jonah.

Sunday was sunshiny and warm, and since we didn't have anything going on after dinner, we decided to check out the new ice cream place on Main Street. They sell ice cream from South Mountain Creamery, and it was of course delicious! We wandered around Main Street a little bit looking in the windows and checking out the Halloween decorations.

And I just love us, and the fact that he's willing to share a cup of ice cream with me, even if it's not the flavor he would have chosen. 

On Mondays, we pick up Jonah from preschool and do some tummy time. Life sure has been hectic lately, and some days all I feel like I'm doing is giving my kids snacks, wiping butts, and cleaning up toys and all the art supplies. But I know this phase is short, and that one day I'll miss it!

Thursday, October 12, 2017

Clara: Three Month Update

Clara Irene is 3.5 months and I'm finally getting to this. I really don't want to forget all the fun milestones and details of this precious girl's life!

Height and Weight: No doctor's appointment this month, but a rough estimate of her weight with me holding her on the scale is about 10 and 1/4 lbs. So big!

Sleep: I put her to bed between 7:30-8:00 p.m., she wakes up around 2:00 a.m. to nurse, and then I wake her up around 7:00 a.m.for the day (unless she wakes up on her own before then.) She is still pretty consistently waking up once a night to nurse, and even had a few nights in a row of sleeping through the night. She's great about nursing, and going right back to sleep. And I've been re-watching Hart of Dixie for those middle of the night wake-ups. :)

Naps are inconsistent with all the craziness of school, MOPS, and play dates. If we don't have anything planned after dropping off Noelle, she has time for a longer morning nap. But in general, there's a short morning nap, short nap around lunchtime till time to pickup Noelle, and then a somewhat longer evening nap. Thankfully she's generally pretty happy!

Eating: It seems like our nursing journey is coming to an end. She's been fighting nursing on the left side for a little while since that produces so much less, and I have so little time, pumping just isn't happening in any consistent way.  Some of the nights she slept through the night, I pumped in the morning and got 3ish ounces on the right, and droplets on the left.

We always nurse first and then do a bottle of formula- usually 2-4 ounces at a time. Even though I don't love nursing, I've been focusing on the good this time around and am disappointed we haven't made it longer. Life is just chaotic and busy, and I know all that isn't helping. BUT she's growing, and ultimately that's all that matters!

Diapers/Clothing: Baby girl is in size one diapers, and has outgrown newborn clothes! I can't believe it's already time to pack them/give them away. I think I'll give my favorites to my sister in hopes that she gives me a niece some day!

Social/Milestones: We're getting lots of smiles, and lots of cooing/talking. Most of the time when we lay her on the changing pad, she starts smiling at us. She hasn't rolled over yet, but she really has so little time when she's not in the swing, the rock'n'play, the carseat, or being held that there's not much opportunity to try. Hopefully soon we have more time to dedicate to tummy time.

Likes: She really loves baths and watching big brother and sister play around her. If she's in the swing, she's usually content in it as long as there is another person in the room. She's also usually happy when I wear her in the wrap unless she's overtired or hungry.

Dislikes: We're still working on the carseat. It's been better, but there are still quite a few drives where she screams through the whole thing. There are times when she wants to be held or fed right then and there, but I have to get Noelle and Jonah dressed or help with the potty, so she has to wait and will often fuss. But overall, she's pretty content!

Fun things we've done: She of course met her great-grandma in Seattle, got to meet her Uncle Caleb, Aunt Debbie, cousin Alyssa, Aunt Ruth, Uncle Max, Aunt Hannah, and Uncle Nathan. We made some trips to Larriland, had a few play dates, started in both MOPS groups, and watched the big kids start school. All very fun and full of blessings!

some pictures:

Noelle starts kindergarten and is too busy for us

Clara joins the after church snapshot!

the three littlest Perrault cousins on a Dunkin date

reading with Jonah and Clara ("ok mom, I'm done with her")

not sure about whatever we're doing

Monday, October 9, 2017

Grove City College: 10 Year Reunion

After we picked up Noelle from school on Friday and ran around packing things last minute, we headed up to PA to Grove City College's homecoming. It was our 10 year reunion year and we were excited to see who all we would run into. And Luke and I could not stop talking about how old it sounds saying that we were freshman 14 years ago!

Luke and Megan: the college dating days

For the drive up I grabbed a shoebox labeled 'junior year' that contained all sorts of memories from (mostly) our junior year. I read the notes and emails Luke had sent me and we laughed at all the drama I caused us in our dating relationship (thank goodness we can do that now!) I found a note that my then 13 year old sister must have written my sophomore year when Luke and I started dating. It's hilarious, and so something Becky would have done back then. And there was also an email from Luke saying that when he told his sister Ruth that we had started dating she said "it's about time!" Oh how our families knew! :)

We drove up to Cranberry, PA to spend the night in a hotel, and Noelle and Jonah were SO excited.  Like jumping around, bouncing  off the walls, yelling  exuberantly  excited. We got there around 8:30 and thankfully got everyone in pajamas, teeth brushed, sound machine on, baby nursed, and everyone in a bed by 9:30. (Except for Luke who still had to do some work to do.) The baby only woke up once to nurse and Jonah only crawled into our bed once.

The next morning, we made the 40 minute drive up to Grove City and grabbed breakfast at the student union, aka the Gee, where we happened to run into some friends. I took the kids and showed them our mail slots, which Noelle was especially excited to see.

We joined in the 10 year reunion class picture and saw lots of familiar faces. Megan and Joe were there and we all watched the parade together, where Jonah shoveled candy into his mouth as quickly it was thrown out. We ran in to our friend Ryan and chatted for a bit before we headed back to the Gee so I could get the grilled chicken wrap for lunch (just as delicious as I remember!)

Next stop was the quad where I got to catch up with one of my freshman year roomies while Luke took the big kids to play in the kid zone. It really was so fun seeing people, catching up, and laughing about ridiculous college memories. (Like when my roommate and I walked out the door after 9 p.m. setting off the alarm, and me being the goody goody was like "what do we do??" And my roommate was like "run!" So we did, and we did not get caught.)

After the kids played for a bit, we walked over Rainbow Bridge to lower campus where the Greek Village was set up, and briefly stopped by the ABT tent. We threw some rocks into Wolf Creek and then headed back up to the quad for some more fun in the kid zone. We saw more friends and chatted while the kids played for awhile, and then headed back to the car to start the drive home.

It was a whirlwind trip, and the turnpike now costs $18.25 each direction (it was around $6 when we started at Grove City!), but it was SO worth all the craziness to see friends and feel all nostalgia on campus. Those four years were some of the best of my life, and the worst for all the drama I caused in our dating relationship, but I'm choosing to focus on the many good memories! And hey, it all turned out just right with Luke and I together, and friendships that will last a lifetime!

Showing Noelle the chapel

Noelle is unimpressed by the ABT tent

Watching the parade with my college boyfriend ;)
10 years older and yet we look exactly the same ;)

Monday, October 2, 2017

Smiles and Coos

Today after all the craziness of running around to drop off Noelle and Jonah, you sweet girl, laid in my arms cooing up at me and smiling SO big. The melt your heart kind of smiles that make your mama turn to mush. The kind of smiles that make every hard moment worth it.

You were supposed to be nursing and then going down for a nap. But instead, we just looked at each other, smiling and sticking our tongues out at each other.

I couldn't help but wonder if you'll be a talker like your brother. Or maybe you'll be the one to have a beautiful voice, and you'll sing your heart out like your big sister.

There are so many things you can do, sweet girl. And I love watching just who you are unfold before us.

Yesterday, I woke up to the sound of you cooing in the rock'n'play next to me. And as soon as I stood over you and reached down to unswaddle you, you smiled so big at me!

I love being your mama. I'm thankful you're in our little family, and a part of our crazy crew. Clara Irene, you are SO loved!

Saturday, September 30, 2017

Pictures From Our Week

Wednesday morning we were up, dressed, and out the door with a few extra minutes to spare, so I talked the littles into letting me take a picture in front of the neighbor's tree. I have to say, I love that Noelle wears a uniform for school- she only has a few things to choose from so there's less of a battle ,and she looks so darn cute!

This little Holden! He is just the sweetest, cutest, happiest little boy. And he LOVES Noelle and Jonah. He basically walks around tackling them from behind in a giant bear hug while grinning his face off. I love it! And can't believe he's almost 14 months old. Stop the growing!

My mom brought Holdy over to our house for a little bit and she worked on her super Nana skills feeding Holden a bottle while also holding Clara. The little Irish twin cousins I like to call them. :)

Thursday morning I convinced them to let me take another picture before school. Of course both always want to be the one holding the baby, which usually leads to more pictures so they can take turns. And Clara is wearing little snap up footie pajamas that are from CSU that Nathan bought for Noelle when she was born. One of a few things that all three will get to wear!

We stopped by Nana's house after Noelle's half day of school on Friday and hung out for a bit. As usual, Holden was trying to love and Jonah, and Jonah kept squealing and running away.

Noelle and Jonah brought down a pillow and blanket to put on the couch this morning and I walked into the room to see them snuggling each other. It was the sweetest, and it makes me so happy to see them together like that. I of course added Clara to the little love pile for a picture.

Tuesday, September 26, 2017

Rambling Thoughts

Things are so so busy and even more big changes are coming for us (because adding a baby in 2017 wasn't enough!!) But God's got it because I sure don't and the stress is at an all time high.

BUT we're still trying to make time for all the fun! Cause it's fall and I love fall and it's almost October, my favorite month of the year. Because it's the epitome of fall- cooler weather, colorful leaves, lots of fall adventures to farms, and adorable costumes on my kids.

Last week we grabbed some donut holes from Dunkin, picked Noelle up from school, and drove over to a nearby farm to hang out for a bit to enjoy the beautiful day.

Of course the weather also needs to get on board with it being fall because it's still in the 90s- at least we're getting more wear out of Clara's summer clothes. Girlfriend is just about out of those newborn sizes (whyyyy do they grow so fast??) and I'm already sad that it's time to give those clothes away. But I know they'll be put to good use!

Luke was out of town Thursday through Saturday last week, and since his flight got in late (aka 9:30 p.m.) my mom picked him up so we wouldn't have to keep the kids up late. By the time he got home I was sound asleep, and he didn't have keys and we've somehow managed to lose our hidden key, so he couldn't get in. I woke up to 37 missed calls from him, did not hear him repeatedly ring the doorbell, and eventually he called his sister to come bring him a key. And all the kids slept through it. We must have super effective sound machines.

On top of all the crazy of life, I'm back in the boot and haven't worked out in at least two months, which means I am without my major stress reliever/me time. I've lost muscle for sure and I feel frustrated with all my clothes showing my protruding belly of split abs/fat. I even broken-down and wore one of Luke's t-shirts over the weekend. I keep reminding myself, I just had a baby 3 months ago and healing takes time. But still! The stress! 

And as posted on Instagram, the epitome of my mom life right now is our drives to and from school, which involve the same book on CD on repeat (thanks, Ruth!), a crying baby who HATES the carseat, and me with my coffee, praying for lots of grace and patience. When Luke went back to work last week, one of my biggest worries was that I wouldn't get Noelle to school on time. Thankfully, we've made it to the drop-off line on time every day, and everyone is even fed and dressed for the day. Getting us all out the door by 7:40 is an adventure, and brings out my not so nice side. But I'm learning, God is showing me I NEED HIM. And I'm incredibly thankful for this crazy, chaotic, love filled life He's given me! Amen, mamas??

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Recent Tidbits

We've been keeping busy this month! I'm still trying to get into some kind of routine with school starting to give Clara a chance to have at least one decent nap, but it's definitely a work in progress as we're also trying to meet up with friends, go to MOPS meetings, and get the older two to and from school.

Jonah, Clara, and I met up with some friends at our favorite crepe place and then headed over to the playground to let Jonah and his little girl friend play.

Noelle had her first day doing the drop-off line in the morning instead of me walking her in. Oh man was that harder on me than her- she's wanted to do it every day since, and I cried more that day than I did on the first day of school. Why do babies not keep??

And speaking of babies not keeping, Jonah had his first independent day of 3's preschool. He walked into his class without looking back and had an absolute blast. 

I got the girls their first set of matching clothes from Boden. Noelle could not get her school uniform off quickly enough when she got home so that she could be twinsies with her sister.

Jonah has been wanting uppie a lot, which will be a lot of fun when Luke goes back to work on TOMORROW! Eek!

Last weekend we headed to Gaver Farm for a wagon ride and

Touch a Tractor day with Aunt Heather and Holden. Jonah disappeared on me a few times in his excitement to see all the things, but thankfully we all made it home. And with some delicious apple cider donut holes to share with Daddy.

We also made it to church as a family where the girls were twinsies and Clara and I spent our usual time in the nursing room.

The Ravens won their first game of the season last Sunday so on Monday morning after dropping off Noelle at school, we met Heather and Holdy for some free Dunkin Donuts coffee.

On Tuesday we took an early bath, put on pajamas, and checked out one of the new ice cream places on Main Street for a pre-bedtime treat. Delicious!

And cuddles for baby Clara are always on repeat, but especially important right before bed.