Sunday, October 23, 2016

Fall, Farms, and Fun!

This past week was unseasonably warm for the month of October. Weather in the 70's and 80's and lots of sunshine. We made sure to take full advantage of it, and spent a lot of time outside- going to the park and visiting as many farms as we could!

On Monday, I packed us a picnic lunch, and we headed out to the local county park. We at our food, played on the playground, and threw rocks and leaves into the water. With the sunshine and leaves changing color all around the lake, it was gorgeous!

Later on that afternoon, I took Noelle, Jonah, and our next door neighbor Sophie to the local farm, Bupert's Farm. They keep a basket of corn husks in their store and kids can take them and go feed the goats. They ran back and forth to feed the goats, played in the teepees, and rolled around in the giant box of corn.

On Tuesday, we met a bunch of our friends at Sharp's Farm for a farm tour, which included feeding goats, a hayride, picking pumpkins, and a hay maze. We picnicked outside again, and the kids played while us moms talked, and I held my sweet nephew (who is growing entirely too quickly!)

Wednesday was another beautiful day, and after we picked Noelle up from school, we went on another picnic in the park. This trip to the park included a bunch of our stuffed animals and Jonah's trains.

Thursday morning we rushed out the door nice and early to get Jonah to my mom's house before she needed to leave for MOPS. While she took him there, Noelle and I headed back to her school for her fall field trip to Gaver Farm. It was another warm, sunny day filled with a wagon ride, picking pumpkins, playing in corn, jumping on the giant pillow, and eating our lunch outside. And of course buying apple cider donuts. One of her favorite parts of the day was riding the bus to and from the farm.

Even though the weather got windy and cold yesterday, we squeezed one more fall activity into the week and headed to the church our old neighbors used to attend for their fall fest. The kids jumped in the jump house, but both freaked out at the top of the slide and Luke had to climb up and rescue them. They both rode the bull, played games to win candy, and we went on a hayride.

We squeezed a lot of fall fun into one week, but that's what October should be about!

Wednesday, October 19, 2016

A Zoo and a Farm

A couple of weeks ago we were invited to go to the Maryland Zoo with a few friends, one of whom holds a season pass (I think we need to do this!) That particular day, members (and friends!) were allowed to ride the rides for free for the first half hour that the zoo was open. We met our friends there a bit before 9:30, and then headed the carousel, then the train, and then back to the carousel. Noelle and Jonah loved it, and I enjoyed the fellowship with my mom friends!

Train time!
 Flamingos are a favorite.

But I'm pretty sure they (Jonah especially!) could have stood washing their hands all day at the giraffe house.

Later on in the week, when I had nothing planned for us to do, we headed to Larriland for the first time this fall. Normally we go there at least a couple of times because it's free, and it's close, and they both love it. After Jonah woke up from his nap, I told them we were going to head out on an adventure, but didn't tell them where. Once we got there, Noelle was like "Thank you, Mommy! This is so much fun! Thank you for this adventure!

We wandered around the farm poking our faces in the face hole boards, walked around the flowers, fed the goats, checked out the lake, and then bought some fresh apples and granola to take home. Definitely a fun fall tradition we'll continue for as long as we can!

Wednesday, October 12, 2016

September in Pictures

September was a busy month- lots of doctors appointments, our vacation for the year, time at the playground, snuggling with baby Holden, and more!

After taking a meal to a friend who had just had a baby, we stopped at the playground at Piney Run park for some running around time before heading home. They love this little window on the play set to pretend it's a cafe and ice cream shop!

Heather and Jason brought Holden to church, and of course these two wanted to be right next to him.

And I got some baby time with Holden when we did a family cook-out over labor day weekend. I love that little face!

Nashville was the highlight of the month- being able to spend time with family and friends, and just be away from our normal routine was fun!

And we started meds for our next fertility cycle attempt. So much fun getting super expensive meds in the mail! (ha!)

After church photos- Noelle stopped cooperating, but I got some cute ones of Jonah. I love that even as a baby he knew to smile for the camera, and I hope he keeps that up!

When we had a day with nothing else to do, we headed to the mall to play and ride the carousel. It was on the tail end of being cleaned when I bought our tickets, and since we had to wait a few minutes, the lady told us we could ride it twice!

The weather started to feel fall- like, and one day when Ellie was at school, Jonah and I took a walk around the neighborhood and stopped at the swings. I love it!

Some Candyland playing and coffee while Jonah took a nap. Noelle likes to make up different versions of the game, that usually end up with her winning.

And we went to the Fall Festival where Jonah completed a little Olympics of weight lifting, javelin throwing, cycling, and more! He LOVED it, and Noelle insisted on being held and wanted nothing to do with it. I wonder who our athlete will be (wink, wink.)