Wednesday, October 12, 2016

September in Pictures

September was a busy month- lots of doctors appointments, our vacation for the year, time at the playground, snuggling with baby Holden, and more!

After taking a meal to a friend who had just had a baby, we stopped at the playground at Piney Run park for some running around time before heading home. They love this little window on the play set to pretend it's a cafe and ice cream shop!

Heather and Jason brought Holden to church, and of course these two wanted to be right next to him.

And I got some baby time with Holden when we did a family cook-out over labor day weekend. I love that little face!

Nashville was the highlight of the month- being able to spend time with family and friends, and just be away from our normal routine was fun!

And we started meds for our next fertility cycle attempt. So much fun getting super expensive meds in the mail! (ha!)

After church photos- Noelle stopped cooperating, but I got some cute ones of Jonah. I love that even as a baby he knew to smile for the camera, and I hope he keeps that up!

When we had a day with nothing else to do, we headed to the mall to play and ride the carousel. It was on the tail end of being cleaned when I bought our tickets, and since we had to wait a few minutes, the lady told us we could ride it twice!

The weather started to feel fall- like, and one day when Ellie was at school, Jonah and I took a walk around the neighborhood and stopped at the swings. I love it!

Some Candyland playing and coffee while Jonah took a nap. Noelle likes to make up different versions of the game, that usually end up with her winning.

And we went to the Fall Festival where Jonah completed a little Olympics of weight lifting, javelin throwing, cycling, and more! He LOVED it, and Noelle insisted on being held and wanted nothing to do with it. I wonder who our athlete will be (wink, wink.)

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