Thursday, August 27, 2015

Suprises and Poison Control

I had a real "I feel like such a mom" moment last night. I woke up to a weird noise (probably the cat) around 1:30 and went to check on both kids. I pulled the covers up around Noelle so that she wouldn't get cold. And I felt Jonah's head since he had a bit of a fever when we put him to bed. Of course, as soon as I touched his forehead, he rolled over and I backed away as quickly as possible so he wouldn't wake up. But it made me feel like such a mom, and of course, I loved it!

Luke's birthday was on Tuesday (so glad he's finally the same age as me again!), and this past weekend, I had a surprise party for him. It was at my parent's house since they have a good sized backyard, and on Friday, I went over to clean the main floor since my mom hasn't been able to do much since her hip surgery. Saturday morning, I went over to their house after my run and once Jonah was awake to help decorate, and when I came home I told Luke that I gone up to Starbucks for awhile. The plan was that we were going to my parent's house to celebrate all the August birthdays- Luke and both of my sisters. When we got there, all the cars were parked in the yard, and of course Luke asked what was going on. I just told him to stop asking questions, but he had already figured it out.

We had a good mix of friends there including family, people from our Bible studies, college friends, his old work friend Tim, and our friend Joe, who encompasses childhood through post-college friendship. I'm just glad that I was actually able to pull it off- so hard keeping secrets from the person I tell pretty much everything!

On Monday, I had T and S for the whole day for the last time this summer. I had nothing fun planned, and we ended up sticking around the house for awhile since Jonah didn't seem to be a big fan of taking a nap. T had gone to a paint ball fight birthday party over the weekend, and brought back three un-exploded paint balls as souvenirs. He brought them over to show me, and ended up forgetting to take them back home. Later that evening, Jonah found one and bit into it, and immediately started spitting out the tiny amount of paint that got into his mouth. I wasn't sure if it was harmful, and quickly googled it. This was of course not helpful, and only brought up a message board where everyone said the person was an idiot for letting their child get a hold of a paint ball. (My bad!)

I ended up calling poison control, and the woman I spoke with couldn't find much, but since it seemed like Jonah only got a taste of it, she wasn't concerned. Three years and I've never worried about something Noelle ate, but 16 months in, and Jonah has me calling poison control. I am definitely going to get gray hairs from this kid's shenanigans! Thankfully all was good and there didn't seem to be any repercussions. (Praise the Lord!)

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