Monday, October 5, 2015

Pot Sticker Fun

Back in August Luke had decided he wanted pot stickers for his birthday dinner. We've always made the pot stickers Walmart has in their frozen food aisle, and they're always delicious. After going running with my friend the morning of his birthday, she suggested making them myself. She had a recipe at home she could send me, and I could easily pick up the wonton wrappers at the grocery store. I was a little hesitant, but decided to give it a try, and if it was a total flop, to have the frozen ones as back up.

Well, our trip to the grocery store was a bit of a fail since I couldn't find the wonton wrappers. It wasn't until I talked to my mom later on that I found out they are kept in the refrigerated section- I had no idea! Jonah was a cranky mess, so I wasn't going to risk trying a different store (not that it would have helped since I didn't know where they were!) We made the frozen ones for Luke's birthday, and they were delicious!

Noelle actually took a bite of a pot sticker!

A few weeks later, my friend asked if I wanted to make a play date out of it and we could make them together. I'm always up for a play date, and even more so when it involves food! She found a few recipes online and we each brought supplies (she found the wonton wrappers!) to make them at her house. Between the two of us, we have a three, two, and one year old, and overall, they did pretty well. There was some whining, some t.v. time, some not sharing, and some not so helpful "help", but we successfully made three types of pot stickers. We (and by we, I mean my friend) fried some of them so we could eat lunch together, and then split up the rest to share with our husbands. Luke was so excited, we made them that night. Pot stickers for lunch and dinner for the win!

This past weekend was a bit dreary because of the hurricane hitting the south, so we made our way to the mall to walk around and get out some energy. (I need some more indoor places to go with the littles as the weather gets colder!) After walking around we decided to go out to dinner before heading home for a haircut (for Jonah done by Luke), and bath time for both of them. Noelle wanted pizza, so we headed out to Pizza Hut and did the dinner box meal that includes breadsticks, pizza, and cinnamon sticks. The kids both did really well, and it was delicious! And Jonah's haircut came out mostly okay!

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