Monday, November 16, 2015

Weekend Fun

As most mornings do, we started our Friday with the littles sitting on the counter, eating breakfast, and being their goofy little selves. Unlike most mornings, I had a total of six kids 10 and under for about 45 minutes before the bus came. It was fun and crazy, there were some tears, but at least Noelle bounced out of bed ready to go since she was so excited about Sophie coming over. (And apparently Sophie was just as excited until she found out her brother was also coming over with her.)

After my friend got back and picked up her son, my mom came over and I headed to our local tot swap. It was so nice being able to go kid-free and actually look for things! I found some sneakers for Noelle, which she was so excited about and kept saying "thank you, mommy" over and over again. I also picked up a bagful of cars for Jonah for Christmas, as well as tights and boots for Noelle. I met my friends Megan and Hannah there and was able to catch up with them a little bit. Hannah's little guy was getting restless, so she left to get him home, and once Megan finished up, she came to hang out for a bit. I gave her our baby swing, which her four month old tested out while at our house, and we really weren't sure if she was enjoying it, or giving Megan a look of "really, mom?"

On Saturday, we met up with Luke's parents and sister for breakfast at Roy Rogers. I'm not sure if I've ever eaten at a Roy Rogers in m life, but they have a delicious deal of all you can eat pancakes or biscuits and gravy for $1.99. Noelle and I loved the pancakes, Jonah took a few bites of everyone's food, and Luke enjoyed his biscuits and gravy. It was really fun to meet up with the grandparents and be able to spend time with them. After we finished eating and chatting, Luke and I took the kids to the local mall where Noelle completed a Christmas scavenger hunt. There were little gingerbread people taped to the wall near certain stores holding different types of candy. She had to match which candy went with which store. It was fun, and she really seemed to be into it. Of course both kids also REALLY enjoyed playing on the rides (even though we didn't pay any money to make them move!)

Sunday we had church as usual, and then headed out to lunch for my dad's birthday. We ate at Seasons 52, and the food was delicious! The kids did really well, which was surprising since we'd had a rough morning and it was right during Jonah's usual nap time. But it was fun celebrating with my parents, sisters, and brother-in-law. We went back to my parent's house for a little bit to eat cake and play with Roxy before getting Jonah home for a nap. In the evening we headed out to small group for some good fellowship and discussion of the current sermon series. It was a busy weekend, and our kids were a little crazy, but I'm so thankful for the time we had as family!

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