Friday, December 4, 2015

Thanksgiving 2015 Fun!

Thanksgiving 2015 was full of fun and sunshine! We spent the day with the Perrault side of the family with all the usuals there- plus my sister's in-laws. It was a full day, and we had hoped that Jonah would nap at my mom's, but he was much too distraught about missing all the action, so he pretty much survived on the 10 minute car nap he took on the way to their house. And really didn't do too bad, considering!

Noelle loves hanging out with her aunts, and in my old room/Becky's old room, my mom has jars of various stones and beads that Noelle likes to empty out and put back into the jars. And Jonah also is starting to enjoy doing it. We sit on Becky's old bed, pour out a jar, and try to count out each thing as we plop it back in. It usually ends up with things all over the place!

It was a warmer day and so we were able to spend time outside playing with bubbles and chalk. Jonah was basically drinking the bubbles, and Noelle was bossing Uncle Jason around telling him what to draw with the chalk. We played some Ring Around the Rosie and watched Jonah and Noelle tackle each other in the grass. Oh life with children!

Luke and I were in charge of bringing salad- and we made way more than was needed. We just wanted to make sure there was enough- and we always say it's better to have extra than not enough. Am I right? When things were getting put away after dinner, one of the bowls of salad we had brought disappeared. We could not find it, and it wasn't until later on the next day that my parents found it in a drawer in their fridge. At least it was found and not rotting away somewhere!

The food was of course delicious, but everything was made better by some fun family news! I love that we live close to both our families, and that we are able to continue to build adult relationships with our siblings. Even though Luke's siblings are a little more widespread, and my brother is out west, we still love being a part of their lives and continuing to grow with them.

On Friday, we did a Chinese food Thanksgiving dinner with Luke's family- his parents, Lydia, Ruth, and Max. There was so much good food- all homemade- and of course, leftovers of the salad we made for Thanksgiving with my family. Noelle and Jonah were a bit picky about the food (surprise, surprise) and don't seem to be quite embracing their Chinese heritage. We'll have to work on that one!

On our table, we had a little Thanksgiving tree that I made during one of my MOPS meetings. Noelle told me what she was thankful for and we wrote them on the little hanging leaves. This year she was thankful for Roxy and Zipporah, Mommy and Daddy, "my baby Jonah", and her friends. Granted some of those may have been decided by my prompting...

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