Thursday, April 7, 2016

Eggs, Eggs, Eggs!

So much catching up to do! I feel like we've been going, going, going, but sometimes I look back at the week and can't remember what we did!

Leading up to Easter we went to a couple of Easter egg hunts. We haven't really talked about the Easter Bunny, so the kids just see it as a fun game of finding eggs with fun things inside. My local MOPS group did a family play date/Easter party. We made Easter Bunny ear hats, carried Easter eggs in spoons, and did a little Easter egg hunt inside the church since it was a cold and dreary day. The kids loved it, and almost a month later are still playing with the bouncy balls they got.

Our town also has an Easter egg hunt, but when the day came, it was rainy.  They still invited everyone to come out and visit the Easter Bunny in the park pavilion, so we headed down to check it out. By the time we got there, it was no longer raining so they put out a few eggs for the kids to pick up. Of course Jonah's favorite thing is to pick up an egg, eat the candy, and then get another egg so he only got like three eggs. And when we went to sit with the bunny, Jonah refused and Noelle surprised me by wanting a picture with him!

We also did some Easter egg dying with both Grandma and Nana, which all of them (grandmas and kids!) loved! Grandma had a fun technique of wrapping the eggs in a little towel, squirting various colors around the egg, and then pouring the vinegar over. It gave the eggs a pretty tie-dye affect! And then with Nana, they enjoyed putting the eggs into all the different cups to get the various colors.

Another local Easter event, is the Peep Show. People submit creations all made out of peeps, and there are some really impressive masterpieces! As we were waiting in line to get into the building, I overheard someone say that it was the first day of the show, so of course it was SUPER crowded. We didn't last too long, but we took a quick tour through each room and Noelle and Jonah recognized Pooh Bear, Snoopy, Starwars, and some other fun ones! And I'm a sucker, and bought them popcorn and candy to eat on the drive home.

Our last Easter egg hunt, before the one at Nana's on Easter, was the day before Easter at our neighbor's church. It's a really big outreach event for them where they invite everyone in for a puppet show (this year they talked about Noah and the ark), and then do a big egg hunt with cupcakes and snack afterwards. I took Noelle when I was super pregnant with Jonah, but hadn't been back since. Luke came with us, and we met up with our other neighbors who have a 5 and 2 year old. Noelle and Jonah loved it, and Jonah, sweet boy after my own heart, kept stuffing his face with chocolate and candy!

Lot's of fun adventures in March, and hopefully the weather starts cooperating again with some warmth so we can spend more time outside!

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