Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Life Lately

Life has been busy and full, and the warm weather has made my heart happy! Playing outside for long periods of time makes for a happier mama, new experiences, and longer naps! Now to work on Noelle not complaining about how "hot" it is...

Two weeks ago, I took the kids over to a local park where we were able to walk through a tunnel and around a path where there's a little "waterfall". They loved throwing sticks into the water and watching them drift down the little stream. On our walk back to the car, we stopped in the park to walk over a little bridge and throw more sticks into water. There's just something so wonderful about being outside in nature!

A local church had a little "spring break" festival in one of our downtown parks last weekend, and the weather was perfect for it. Noelle and I wandered down to meet Heather and Jason while Jonah was taking his nap. Noelle was so excited about the pony ride and jumping in the bounce house. We also got yummy hot dogs and cookies, but the biggest highlight was probably getting a unicorn painted on her face. After she saw herself in the mirror, she said "Don't I look fabulous, mommy?"

We've had MOPS meetings, play dates, Uncle Max and Aunt Ruth came for a brief visit, and outside play time with our neighbors. I ran the Clyde's 10K last weekend that I've been wanting to run for the last few years! It was fun, and there was delicious post-race food, which I was able to grab before heading home to go to church with Luke and the kids. On the drive to the race, I heard the Jamie Grace song "You Lead", and the lyrics 'I know what you got for me is more than I can see'. In this season of God's plan not matching up with my plan, I'm learning to trust that He has something so much bigger planned!

I went in for some more blood work yesterday as we track my cycle, and fainted soon after the blood draw was over. I think it was because the nurse had to stick me twice and it was really painful. Thankfully I was surrounded by nurses and was still seated when I passed out! We'll see what the doctor wants to do next in terms of treatment, and keep on praying that God would show us what's next!

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