Friday, June 23, 2017

Five Things

We've been keeping ourselves busy as we await the arrival of baby W! Some days I get through the day without thinking too much about it, but the closer we get, the more I dwell on how it really could be any moment. Like our due date is now 4 days away. Thankfully, this is the most physically comfortable I've been at the end of a pregnancy, which I think helps me a lot with not feeling as impatient. I've been able to walk in the mornings, and moving my body is so important to me and makes me feel so much better overall. With the other two I could hardly move at this point because of back pain (Noelle) or ankle pain (Jonah), so I'm thankful to be able to take one day at a time and move my body still!

This past Wednesday was our first one without Holden. Mostly it was because I had kindergarten testing for Noelle and didn't want to worry about having both boys with me. But it worked out well because Jonah was a disaster all day on Wednesday and even with God's grace, I was still pretty cranky about it. (#truth) BUT usually we love having Holden be a part of our days- even Noelle and Jonah get excited to see him in the mornings he's here. And of course he fits right into our day, running errands and hanging out together. 

Last Friday we met up with a few friends at a conservancy nearby to wander around saying hi to the goats, playing on the natural playground, visiting the little science center, and enjoying a picnic lunch together. It was fun for the kids, and I enjoyed being able to connect with some mama friends I hadn't really talked with in awhile. It's amazing how quickly over two hours can fly by when everyone is having fun!

My sister. She is an amazing photographer, and kept asking me when we were going to do a maternity shoot. I knew I really wanted to do one, so last Saturday when she texted me asking if we wanted to meet up with her that afternoon, I said let's do it! I know Luke hates doing pictures, but thankfully he also knows how important they are to me. We brought candy to bribe the children and met my sister at the entrance of an area in nature mostly reserved for hunters, which also just so happens to be right between where we live (which when you're 5 minutes away from each other to begin with makes it extra easy.) Jonah was not super cooperative, but that lead to one of the best pictures! I want to do a post with all of them just have them somewhere all together. I LOVE THEM! And I know I'll cherish them because pregnancy is such a unique and brief time that I love and enjoy overall! I will miss this baby belly!

And just to compare from the maternity pictures when I was pregnant with Jonah- clearly there is some hesitation about welcoming a new member. :)

Father's day 2017. I took 0 pictures that day. But it was busy and full, and I was hot, sweaty, and swollen, so I figure it's all good. We met up with our families and my sister's in-laws at the local park where we met up last year. Luke grilled us some delicious meat, and we had all sorts of yummy sides. Noelle and Jonah were covered in dirt by the end, and would have stayed longer if they could have. Luke and I were definitely thankful to come home to a cool house and put up our feet after the kids were bathed.

I love seeing Luke as a dad, and I so appreciate that he has way more patience than me! I'm looking forward to seeing him snuggle a newborn again. :)

We celebrated our NINTH anniversary this past Wednesday! Poor Luke worked from home on Tuesday and Wednesday because he wasn't feeling great and hadn't been sleeping well, but it was nice to have him there. After my rough day with Jonah that day, I was ready to get out of the house and away for a bit, so thankfully Aunt Lyd came to watch the littles. Since Luke wasn't feeling great, we decided to keep it super low-key and went to Panera for dinner, and then grabbed ice cream from Twin Kiss to eat as we walked around the path of a local park. We didn't make it far before it started raining, but it was so good to be together just the two of us!

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