Friday, December 19, 2014

December Last Year

It was a year ago on December 7 that we found out Jonah was a boy!  With Noelle, we found out during the anatomy scan that we were having a girl.  And with her, I really had no feelings one way or another about what the gender could be.  Jonah, on the other hand, I had a feeling from the moment I found out that I was pregnant that he was a boy.

Heather Boockholdt maternity picture

I believe that every single baby is a gift and wonderful blessing, and our prayers were always that God would keep our baby safe and healthy.  But for some reason, as soon as Noelle was born, I pictured having two little girls someday and so wanted a sister for Noelle.  When we got pregnant again, I was convinced it was a boy since in my head I would have two little girls, and I thought that God would give us the opposite of what my plan was.  And that's exactly what He did- but He of course knows best!

We decided to do something a little different for finding out the gender with baby #2.  During the anatomy scan we had the sonographer write the gender down and put it in an envelope, which I then took to a bakery.  The bakery made cupcakes and filled the inside with blue or pink based on what was in the envelope.  We invited our parents and siblings over for our little "gender reveal" party the next day, and after a quick lunch, it was time for us to bite into the cupcakes.

As the mommy-to-be I wanted to be the first to see, so I got a head start on biting into my cupcake. As soon as I took a bite, I saw the blue and yelled "it's a boy!"  We were all excited, and I think I had convinced most of my family that it was a boy, so no one was too surprised.  I hung out with everyone for a little while, and then went up to our room to let it soak in and have a few minutes to myself.  And I started bawling.

I did not NOT want a boy, but I had so wanted a sister for Noelle.  And I think it was partially hormones, because I felt like I had no control over my crying self.  I hate that I was such a mess, and I love Jonah so much it hurts and would not trade him for a girl for anything!  It did take me a few weeks, but I started to really get on board with having a boy (even though that was what I was so sure he was from the time I got pregnant!)

Heather Boockholdt Photography

Plus now I can say I have a favorite girl and favorite boy.  Until we have a third someday (should God bless us with another), then someone will have to share.  And we will love each one so much!

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