Sunday, December 14, 2014

O Christmas Tree 2014

I had grand ideas of going out to a tree farm to cut down our own Christmas tree in honor of Jonah's first Christmas, but that definitely didn't happen.  I think with Thanksgiving being later in November and there being less time till Christmas, our weekends filled up quickly with various parties and celebrations.  I wanted to have the tree up for as long as possible, so we did the next best thing- went to Home Depot on a rainy weekday evening to pick one out!

2013 tree

Last year we took almost 18 month old Noelle out to a tree farm with our friends Megan and Joe to cut down a tree, and it was a lot of fun!  The farm was close by, and it was fun to wander around amongst the trees to find the one.  [Sidenote: last year we went tree hunting on the day we had our little family gender reveal party and found out we were having a boy!] We've almost always had a Douglas fir, which we affectionately call Douglas throughout the time it stands in our house.  Last year we ended up putting most of the ornaments on the upper half of the tree to keep out of reach of little hands, and we also had a significant amount of snow the day after we got the tree, which of course made tree decorating feel even more festive.

 me and the littles with some Home Depot trees

When we ran out to Home Depot this year, we debated about whether we should even go since it was raining and we'd be putting a wet tree into the back of the van, but I really didn't want to wait any longer to bring home our tree!  We bundled up the kids, made the five minute drive up to Home Depot, and quickly selected a tree.  Since we were literally the only people out in the little outdoor section of Home Depot, I went and hung out inside with the kids while Luke tracked someone down to help him get the tree ready to go.

Ellie the elf!

Noelle, Jonah, and I mostly wandered around the Christmas section looking at the different lawn ornaments, lights, and other Christmasy things.  Noelle liked picking up the toys, and of course, attempted to ride the child-size Rudolph toy.  Even if it wasn't a classic Christmas tree hunt, it is still a good memory of Jonah's FIRST tree!

a boy and his tree

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