Thursday, December 4, 2014

November in Pictures

Aside from our Thanksgiving fun, our November looked like a pretty typical month around here. Play dates, speech therapy, small group get togethers, and time with our families.

Noelle and Zoe take a nap together.

 Jonah mastering the whole sitting up on his own thing.

Forced hugs and selfies with mommy.

Wrapping up baby Jonah.

A failed attempt at taking pictures of the littles in their Christmas clothes.

Thanksgiving and getting to see lots of family!

A much happier Jonah!

Play group and Noelle having her first date with Anderson. (Thanks for the picture, Beverly!)  And Anderson is 1/4 Chinese and Noelle is 1/8 Chinese, but neither one looks a bit like it.

Overall, a very fun month, and now onto my favorite season of all- celebrating Christ's birth!

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