Monday, March 14, 2016

Sunshine and a Foam Pit

One evening last week I had a leadership meeting for MOPS, and left the kids in Luke's care to do the evening routine of bath and bedtime. When Noelle woke up the next morning, she came downstairs, and first thing she said to me was "So, how was your meeting?" My little adult!

The weather last week was glorious! Sunshine and warmth. We spent so much time OUTSIDE! And I think it's safe to say we all loved it. Chalk, bubbles, play ground- we did it all!

We also had a MOPS play date at a trampoline park. It's been about a year since the last time I took them to one, and they both enjoyed themselves. At first Noelle wasn't interested into changing into the special socks, but once she saw everyone else jumping around, she was all over it. We kept going back and forth between the trampoline and the foam pit.

Jonah has been cutting his fourth (and final!) 2nd year molar since last week, and has been crankier than usual, especially upon waking from his nap. Last week, when I knew we still had a good hour before Luke got home from work, and Jonah lost it because I wouldn't let him keep the refrigerator door open to play with the light, I piled them into the car with the plan to just drive around for an hour. Gas waster? Or sanity saver? I choose sanity!

I ended up driving past my sister's house, and even though she wasn't home yet, decided to stop there and let the kids run around her back yard. I can foresee lots of fun times with them running around with their cousin in that yard!

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