Tuesday, March 1, 2016

Ballet Performance

Yesterday was the end of Noelle's first ballet class, and they ended it with a little performance. We knew it would be short (like less than 10 minutes), but we invited the grandparents, and Luke worked from home so that he could join us. My dad was out of town for work, but the other three grandparents came, and I think really enjoyed it!

Last week, I stopped at Goodwill just to look around, and ended up finding a Disney brand leotard for less than $4, and couldn't resist buying it for Noelle! She was definitely excited to wear it for her performance.

The performance was at a different location than where the classes have been held, and Noelle has been saying for the past week that we need to go to a different place. We even drew a little map with "directions" on how to get there (even though I really had no idea where I was going), and Noelle brought it along in the car. The building had a gym with a stage, and the teacher quickly practiced with the girls on entering and exiting the stage.

cheesin for a picture after the performance
Noelle was adorable and hilarious! At one point, she got distracted by something on her finger and just stood there looking at it while the rest of the girls danced around her. Sometimes she spent more time looking at the girls next to her rather than the teacher, who was doing the movements for them to follow. But she had so much fun, and it's making me think we may need to sign her up for the spring session as well!

The ballet portion was danced to Beyonce's "Halo", and the tap dance was to "Oh, What A Night." After it was over, we all headed out to Baugher's for dinner, where Jonah and Noelle downed their apple cider, and Jonah had to be removed because he started screeching for the fun of it!

All in all, we are proud of our little ballerina trying something new, and love that she enjoyed it!

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