Sunday, May 8, 2016

A Day with Thomas!

For Jonah's birthday, my sister bought us tickets to go to the Thomas the Train event at the B&O Railroad museum in Baltimore. Technically kids under the age of 2 were free, so we were able to get away with tickets for Noelle and me, and my mom came as well. I was little bit worried about getting into Baltimore before 10:00, but we hit no traffic and got there in plenty of time to look around before our ride on Thomas.

When Jonah first saw the Thomas engine hooked up to the train, his face was a mix of disbelief and excitement- like how could there be a life-size Thomas! We were scheduled for the first ride of the day, so soon after we got there, we headed over to wait in line to board the train. It was about a 30 minute ride, and while the views of Baltimore were not picturesque, it was exciting for the kids to be on their first train ride. A conductor came around and punched our tickets, and then as we were getting off the train, he handed out little certificates awarding the kids as official Junior Engineers.

After the train ride there was still SO much to do. We looked through the museum, they both rode on the carousel, and Noelle rode on another fair ride. We did the jump house, miniature train ride, they both got train tattoos, and made noodle necklaces. After eating over-priced food, we wandered around inside the roundhouse of the museum looking at all the old trains, and then played with the train tables for a bit.

It was a very full five hours, and both Noelle and Jonah did great! They both keep talking about how they want to do it again and bring daddy with us. It also happened to be my mom's birthday that day, so it was fun having her with us, even if it meant celebrating her birthday with a bunch of toddlers and trains. That's some Nana love there!

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