Friday, May 27, 2016

Dear Little Things In Life

Dear sunshine, welcome back!

Dear ants in my house, please get out! As cute and hilarious as it is hearing Jonah squeal "no like it!" and then picking you up and squishing you, you're just gross. And I know the crumbs all over the house make this a great place to find food, but please just go!

Dear littles, I love you so much and have been looking forward to warm weather and no where to rush to in the mornings. We can take our time waking up, have a leisurely breakfast, play on the deck, and read books all day long. Let's have fun together, go on adventures, and play in the sun! P.S. You both did a really great job of sitting in my lap while I got my blood drawn- I was so nervous about passing out again. But Jonah, you saying "me too" after she stuck the needle in was a bit humorous.

Dear spider in the van, please disappear. I told Noelle you were gone, but I'm pretty sure you're still crawling around in there somewhere. And you better not show up on the windshield while I'm driving.

Dear 16 year old self, I signed Noelle up for pony play camp! A week of watching her ride horses and learn about one of your favorite animals! She's excited, but it's possible that I'm even more excited!

Dear mama friends, as nice as it is not having to rush out the door for things, let's have play dates. For my sanity, I know I'll need to get out of the house and interact with adults.

Dear Luke, remember last weekend when we were in Tennessee and didn't have any little people to worry about? Yeah, that felt nice. And it was good spending hours with you in the car. Let's go on some dates this summer!

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