Sunday, May 29, 2016

The End of 3's Pre-school

Pre-school is over for the school year, and it ended with lots of fun!

Before Mother's Day, her class invited all the moms to come for a little Mother's Day celebration. The kids sang us three songs, and hanging up outside her classroom was a list of what each child said they loved about their mommy. Noelle's said that she loves planting with mommy. I laughed so much when I saw it because we've never planted or done any type of gardening. I may be 31 years old, but my mom is the one who has taken care of our tiny little flower beds (I know- I need to work on that!)

The Tuesday before we left for Colorado, Noelle's class had their spring field trip to Clark's Eliok Farm in Columbia. We were hoping for some sunny, warm weather, but instead it was cold and rain was predicted. I ended up texting my neighbor the night before asking if she had a pair of rainboots I could borrow for tromping around the farm. Thankfully she did, and even better, it didn't end up raining on us at all.

Noelle's favorite part was the bus ride from school to the farm. We sat together and waved to the school's director as we pulled out of the parking lot, and then talked about what we might see at the farm. Once we got there, her class was taken around a little garden area where they were shown different veggies and plants that are grown at the farm. Each child scooped dirt into a tiny cup and planted a bean seed to take home. (Ours never grew- so I secretly threw it away.)

We went on a little hayride around the farm and then walked around to look at the goats, pigs, horses, cows, and other animals. Noelle was surprisingly not interested in this part, and I was freezing (cold weather wimp over here!) After that was over we had time left to eat our lunch and explore. The farm has fairy tale exhibits that used to be in Howard County's Enchanted Forest park. Noelle had fun playing on a little boat while I held a gross cup of coffee in hopes of warming up. Eventually we loaded up on the buses and headed back to school. Maybe it wasn't the most fun we've ever had, but it was good having some one on one time with my girl.

This past week we had her end of the year picnic. All the three year old classes gathered at a local park where the teachers grilled hot dogs and parents brought either some type of salad or dessert. We were thankfully blessed with a beautiful day, and after eating and saying bye to her teachers, we hung out for awhile playing with some of her friends and digging in the sand.

I cannot believe how quickly the past year flew by, but I love how much Noelle (or Ellie as she went by at school) enjoyed going to school. She brought home so many art projects (one of the last ones was a piece of paper covered in green and purple paint, and the teacher attached a note saying "Ellie painted a wall"- clearly her [lack of] creativity comes from me), learned about Jesus, and made new friends. Only one year till she's off to kindergarten, but I'm just going to pretend that it's going to be awhile before then.

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