Friday, February 17, 2017

Valentine's Day 2017

Valentine's Day started with the kids waking up just as I was finishing getting ready for the day. I hugged them tight while saying "Happy Valentine's Day!" And that was just the reminder they needed about it being a "holiday." Noelle said, "you know who I love mommy? Aunt Lyd!" And then Jonah chimed in and said he loved Aunt Lyd, too. I love the little moments of hearing their hearts.

They told me they wanted to go to Chick Fil A, and since I'd been planning on taking them somewhere and we hadn't used our Chick Fil A calendar deal yet (which happened to be a breakfast item this month), I told them we could go. We got them dressed in their Valentine's Day outfits and headed out for breakfast (chicken minis and lemonade!) We had fun sitting and eating, and then they played in the play area for a bit.

After we were done, we headed to Walmart to buy our supplies for the day: chocolates, flowers, balloons, strawberries, and streamers. At one point I knelt down and asked Jonah if he wanted to "buy" his sister some flowers, which of course he went and picked some out, and then wanted his own little bouquet. Hopefully he'll grow into loving on his sister as he gets older! Once we got everything home, Noelle was so excited to help me decorate. We strung up pink and red streamers, threw a pink tablecloth on the table, and made heart shaped sugar cookies to give to our neighbors. I also used a cookie cutter to cut their peanut butter sandwiches into the shapes of hearts. Not super creative, but they liked it!

Luke picked up some Frank's pizza for us on his way home from work, and brought roses for me and carnations for Noelle. So sweet! We sat down to our yummy cheese (and tomato- don't tell the kids!) pizza, with a carton of strawberries to split between us. The kids were excited to eat their Paw Patrol Valentine's Day chocolates, and they ran around the house with their heart shaped balloons (and continue to do so!) Definitely a successful 2017 Valentine's Day!

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