Friday, February 24, 2017

Spring Weather in the Winter

The past two days have included temperatures in the 70's, which means we've been getting more outside time than usual. And I love it! (Aside from when Noelle complains about it being too sunny and how's she's so sweaty.) Yesterday the kids didn't even watch TV until 7:00- huge win for us in the winter time!

After we dropped Noelle off at school yesterday, Jonah and I headed to MOPS at our church, where thankfully he didn't cry when I dropped him off in MOPPETS, and I got some time with a few of my mom friends. Once we picked Noelle up, we took our picnic lunch to a nearby park and enjoyed the playground and sunshine for a bit.

After a quick stop at home, we headed to the library for a library time play date with our other MOPS group. The librarian who lead it read some silly books, sang songs, played with bubbles and shaky eggs, and we made a kite for the craft. I loved hearing Noelle and Jonah laugh at everything- I want to remember their little voices and laughs from this stage of life!

After checking out some new books, we headed home to meet our neighbor getting off the bus. The kids ate popsicles and played outside for over an hour until dinner time. I am most definitely looking forward to being able to do this daily in the spring and summer!

And we had Holden with us on Wednesday and got to enjoy some time outside with him. I love that little baby SO much!! So thankful for this little nugget!

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