Friday, February 10, 2017

20 Weeks! And some other fun stuff

We got to see baby at our 20 week ultrasound on Tuesday! The little heart was fluttering away at 145 beats per minute, and baby was head down, knees to nose, and wouldn't budge to let the sonographer get a good look at everything. She did measure the legs, and got a cute profile shot of the head, but she couldn't get a good enough angle to look at the face/lips, the brain, kidneys, heart, and diaphragm. Everything on the lower half looked great though! She had me pee, drink juice, lay on my side, poked the baby with the doppler, and baby just wouldn't shift positions. If we have another lazy one on our hands, I'm leaning towards girl. But there's also a chance it's a boy. :)

And how are we already at 20 weeks?? I think the first trimester felt slow because of how awful I felt, but things are flying now. After my appointment yesterday, we scheduled 3 more appointments which takes us to the third trimester. We'll have another sono at the next appointment to finish looking at baby, and then the glucose test at the appointment after that. I'm trying to just live in the moment and enjoy Noelle and Jonah, and relish being pregnant.

19 week bump and my messy closet
Noelle came with us to the appointment because she wanted to see the baby (she didn't quite understood what that meant), and she spent most of the hour of the sono holding my hand, telling me she loved me, and drumming her fingers on the paper covering I was laying on.

Earlier this week we had a MOPS play date at the Rainbow Play Systems store. Noelle cried when she got to the top of one of the play sets and was scared to come down the slides, and Jonah ran around from one thing to the next. The most popular item for them: the air hockey table.

Holden joined our craziness on Wednesday, and it ended up being a gorgeous day! After picking Noelle up from school and eating lunch, the kids ran around out front for awhile and Holden just sat there watching them. After his nap, we all walked to the playground along with my neighbor's daughter. It felt wonderful having an over 60* weather day in February. Of course we had a winter storm warning for the following day, which amounted to a slight dusting of snow, but at least we had some warmth for a little while!

Last weekend was the Sykesville Ice Festival, and even though there were a bunch of ice related activities (ice sculptures, ice skating, food), Noelle and Jonah spent the most time playing at the train table. They know what they like!

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