Monday, April 10, 2017

This Is Now

I look at the room my children are sharing and see what a mess (and by mess, I mean disaster) it is. But as I crawl around picking up various socks to throw in the laundry, I can't help but think this is it. This is my dream- raising babies into toddlers into children. Tiny clothes, tiny socks. Their sweet little voices.

Laughing at the funny things they say and do.

Feeling their little arms wrapped around my neck.

Sneaking out of their beds to come tell me they miss me, and asking how many hours until it's morning.

Hearing them ask each other the first three questions of the children's catechism, and giving each other the answers. (We only know the first three!)

The excitement for library time, and the hours we've spent cuddled on the couch reading books together.

Hearing their little conversations and watching their imaginations grow.

How much they need me, and only me!

And with Jonah turning three in less than two weeks, and Noelle turning five in just under three months, I know that this time is so short. People, especially moms with older kids, told me this over and over when Noelle was born. And I believed them. But now I'm living it- it goes WAY too fast.

Please just stay my babies forever!

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