Saturday, April 29, 2017

Snapshots From Our Week

Chugging along at 31 weeks this past Tuesday! How are we down to single digit weeks till we meet this sweet babe?! I'm so excited to meet him or her, but I'm also not quite ready to be done being pregnant. And we've done nothing in terms of setting up a nursery, or collecting the baby items we have scattered among our friends (aka bassinet, carseat adapter for the stroller, swing, bumbo, etc.) But we'll get around to all that eventually, right? :)

Jonah got a Thomas the Train book for his birthday that we already happen to own, so on Tuesday this past week, we headed to Barnes and Noble to exchange books. Noelle also decided that the money she found hidden in the Easter eggs at Nana's house needed to be spent, and so she brought a few of her dollar coins with her so she could pick something out. Jonah spent most of the time playing with the train table, and Noelle browsed through lots of books before settling on a Shimmer and Shine book. Jonah eventually picked a different Thomas book as we were getting ready to walk out of the store. Since it was a rainy day and we had no other plans, we headed over to the mall for lunch, the carousel, and the play area!

My parents were away in Colorado this past week visiting my brother and sister, so we got to have Holden Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday this week. It's always fun having him around, and since he's so go with the flow, it's easy to do most of what we would normally do. On Wednesday, Jonah had his 3 year well check, and did great! He even exclaimed as we were walking down the hallway to the exam room that he was so excited to be there (thank goodness there were not shots this visit!) On Thursday, Noelle had lunch bunch so we were able to join some friends for a picnic, and on Friday we had a donut date in the morning, and then went to the train play ground for lunch and some play time after we picked up Noelle .

On Wednesday evening we made our way down to University of Maryland College Park to see our friend's art show. I missed all the explanations of his pieces as I chased our children around, but Luke was able to fill me in later, and it was so cool hearing how Zac was inspired, and able to share his love of Jesus through his work.

Also, I'm not gonna lie, when I'm out with all three kids (or sometimes 4 if I have my neighbor, James), I love the comments about having my hands full, or being busy. These little people are so much fun (for the most part), and I love them to pieces!

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