Thursday, April 6, 2017

Good Stuff, Bad Stuff

Let's play a little game of good stuff, bad stuff. Okay, none of it is really "bad", but just not as good!

Good stuff- This past Saturday, we had our first Easter egg hunt of the season! My MOPS group met at the church where we have our meetings and did some fun crafts, ate yummy food, and then the kids found eggs in a large, multi-purpose room the church has. The bad was that it was rainy out, but Noelle and Jonah were so excited to go find some eggs!

ready to hunt for eggs!

Once our casserole was out of the oven, we headed off to the church. As we were driving, Luke and I were talking about how this was my 6th day in a row going to this church (it's the same church where Ellie's school meets), and the Luke's second Saturday there in less than a month after he helped out with their food pantry a few weekends ago. Since our home church is 25ish minutes away, we started calling this one our church away from church. We've never been there on a Sunday morning, but between preschool stuff, MOPS meetings and events, and Luke now helping out with the food pantry, it's become a significant place in our immediate community.

his favorite find- chocwate!
Good stuff- We had some beautiful days in the 70s! It felt like spring, and we loved it!! We ate popsicles outside, went to a park, and drove around with the windows down. It's such a great feeling being able to leave the house without coats, and walk from the car to wherever without feeling cold. It really just makes life so much easier.

Bad stuff- Storms have been coming through, and it's been raining all day. So much rain. And it's making it colder again. But such is life in Maryland in April. This morning when I left the house to go drop Noelle off at school, I turned the wrong direction, and then missed the next turn I was supposed to make to get to her school. The rain was making my brain foggy!!

Good stuff- So far I've been able to celebrate my 32nd birthday with my favorite little loves, a MOPS meeting, a nap, reading some of my book (The Light Between Oceans), and Luke told me to not make anything for dinner tonight. And a friend at MOPS made me a beautiful quilt for the baby! Gray and white with little triangles, polka dots, and arrows. I love that this sweet baby is getting so much love!

Bad stuff- I took the kids to Chick Fil A for lunch to do something fun on my birthday (which of course was good), but while we were there I got a phone call that I failed my one hour glucose test on Tuesday. Boo! That's never happened before, so now I have to do the three hour fasting one next week. Not fun, and hopefully I'll pass!

28 weeks! (and a very dirty mirror)

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