Monday, August 7, 2017

Cows and Chips

Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month! So far it is going so much better with Clara than it did with Jonah- with him at this point I was just getting past the pain I felt at every single feeding and constantly considering going to see a lactation consultant. This time it's been mostly pain-free, and baby girl is growing like a champ!

blurry picture by Noelle
Last Monday we had Holden back with us for an afternoon while my brother-in-law had to work overtime. It was so good to have him hanging out with us again- but I'm also pretty sure it was only "easy" because Luke is home! We filled up our little pink pool on the deck and Holden, Noelle, and Jonah played in the water for awhile and ate popsicles while Clara napped the afternoon away. While she was still sleeping Holden went down for his nap, and the big kids had some downtime, which made for a peaceful afternoon. 

On Tuesday, we continued our summer tradition of going to South Mountain Creamery. It was my third summer taking the kids, and Luke's first time joining us. We packed lunches, played on the little playground, visited the baby cows, ate some delicious ice cream, and watched the cows getting milked. It was a fun afternoon, and Clara slept in the wrap the whole time we were there. 

the baby cow in this picture was born that day!

On Friday, we headed up to the Utz Potato Chip Factory in PA to party at their summer bash event. There were lots of vendors giving away free things, games for the kids to play (and the prizes were bags of chips!), a blow up obstacle course, and more. I nursed Clara in the shade while they did the obstacle course twice (even Noelle!), and then we drove home while the littles munched on their chips.

On Friday night, Jonah went to Nana's house for a solo sleepover just for fun. He was spoiled with pizza, play time at the mall, and ice cream. Now Noelle is asking when it's her turn. :)

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