Saturday, August 12, 2017

Our Week in Pictures

Summer is winding down (two weeks till Noelle starts kindergarten!!), and I'm trying to soak in all the activities we can do while Luke is home and I have extra hands to do things outside of the house. Seriously, this summer would have played out completely differently if Luke had gone back to work after a week or two. But we've been able to do a lot of fun things!

A rainy Monday morning called for a trip to Dunkin Donuts, especially since I had a free coffee about to expire. :) Noelle and Jonah got their usual (chocolate for J and strawberry for N), and after enjoying our donuts and coffee, we headed back home.

Noelle and Jonah decided they wanted to bust out their umbrellas and rain boots, which always makes for fun photos, so of course I said yes. And it gets them outside for a bit, and they are self-entertained. win-win!

Tuesday morning I took little miss Clara to an appointment to get her vaccines. We decided that since we'll be flying to Seattle before she turns two months to go ahead and get the shots early. That way she will have some immunity when we're on the plane and visiting the West coast relatives. She of course cried, which made me tear up, but thankfully I was able to nurse her and she was calm for the rest of the day.

Tuesday was also the $12 wrist band day at the fair, so Luke and the kids got bands and rode all the rides over and over again. We were there for over seven hours, most of which was spent with them on rides. Clara and I hung out with them for a little while, and then I found a shady area to nurse her and just sit for awhile. We had planned on going home for dinner and then come back, but the kids were having so much fun that we ended up buying food at the fair. And then they rode more rides. I forgot a hat for Clara, so Luke pulled out a pair of Jonah's underwear (clean!) and we put it over her head. And poor girl was in the same diaper the whole time since I hadn't planned on us being there for that long. But she survived, even with a blowout right before we left.

Right at the entrance of the fair was this little water pumping station with little rubber duckies that float back and forth as you pump the water. They have both done this before and would have stayed here for awhile if we hadn't moved them along.

Wednesday morning I had a follow up appointment with the podiatrist for my foot/ankle. Basically the result of that was keep wearing the boot if I feel pain. So I'm in the boot for longer- I was definitely in a bad mood about that, but I also know that it won't last forever! (Right?!?) Luke and the big kids went and hung out with Grandma and Grandpa while I was at the appointment, and afterwards we headed to Target to do back to school shopping. Despite Noelle's face in the picture, she was very excited to pick out all her supplies. (Also, how is it possible I'm school supply shopping for one of MY children?!?- seriously- can't get over this!)

Thursday morning the big kids did some crafting together while I nursed the babe and ate my breakfast. It was a beautiful day, so Luke and his dad worked together to replace our front storm door. They also hung up our house number that my mom got for us probably the Christmas we moved in (like 8 years ago), which was more of a pain to hang than replacing the door. Thanks Luke and Dad!

Thursday evening it was still nice out, so I took the kids out back to jump on the little trampoline and then take pictures in front of the Black-Eyed Susans.

Friday was a quiet day with a Starbucks run in the morning with all three kids by myself (Luke needed a break from Jonah), and then to Kohls to buy some more gifts for our Holdy who's birthday party is today. Jonah was a disaster most of the day crying about every little thing (like the fact that I "broke" his popsicle in order to push it up in the plastic so he could eat it), and when he came to lay down next to me after I crawled into bed last night, I just didn't even fight it. He fell asleep while I was reading, and I carried him to his bed later on. Little stinker! (But I also know that one day he won't do this, and he's going through a lot with not being the baby anymore. Or at least that's how I justify it. :))

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