Friday, April 10, 2015

Easter 2015

Easter last year was also marked by the fact that my due date was the next day for baby Jonah. I was big and SO ready to have him. And since Noelle came 10 days early I had secretly been hoping he would as well, but no, he decided to hold out and came two days after his due date (well, one day and 29 minutes after.)

This year we got to have our wiggly, mostly happy, almost one year old be a part of our day! We got to church semi-early (which for us means we got there a few minutes before worship got started instead of walking in while everyone is already singing) and dropped both kids off in the nursery. Noelle was upset again and I was worried that we would be called down for at least one of them, but they both survived! An Easter miracle!

finding a clue on our bed

The sermon was a good one and reminded us that the cross frees us from our guilt and Christ's resurrection frees us from death. God is the victor- and His victory means that everything we do has an eternal perspective. Jesus' resurrection isn't necessarily going to change our life circumstances as a Christian, but it changes us from the inside out and how we approach our circumstances. I have to say, as much as I LOVE Christmas, as I've gotten older, I've really come to love Easter. There is nothing more wonderful we can celebrate than what Christ did for us, and I love this time of year for reminding me of this.

On Saturday evening, we had Luke's parents and sister over for dinner to celebrate Easter with them. It was a great time, as usual, and we enjoyed a yummy crock pot roast with mashed potatoes and delicious bread! We got spoiled with a family Easter basket and Luke's mom made the kids a little stick pony, which Jonah immediately pulled the head off of. Oh Jonah!

Before church, I sent Noelle on a mini-scavenger hunt to find her and Jonah's Easter baskets. I had five easy clues taped around the house and once Noelle figured out how it worked, was excited to search for the next clue. We didn't go big on the baskets, but Noelle liked the little Frozen trinkets we bought and the Strawberry Shortcake DVD.

Easter egg hunting with Nana

After church, we took the kids home and got Jonah down for his nap. Once he woke up, we headed to my parents with our ham in tow. Never have I ever made a ham, but Luke was in charge and did a great job! My mom had Karina (their exchange student from Chile) hide eggs around the yard and sent Noelle on an egg hunt. She of course loved it, and then we played the hot/cold game for her to find her Easter basket.

Our littles sure are spoiled and oh so loved! It was a wonderful first Easter for Jonah, and Noelle definitely made good with all the Easter candy and loot!

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