Thursday, April 23, 2015

Happy First Birthday, Jonah!

To my Jonah, my J man, my baby J,

To my sweet, wild, and crazy boy,

Oh how I love you! And oh how this past year has flown by. It was probably one of the hardest years of my life, but often those end up being the best because of what comes after the hard times. You were not an easy baby- lots of crying, lots of waking up in the middle of the night, and lots of not being able to leave the house because you would only sleep at home. But you are so worth it.

And when you got past that really tough stage, you became so much fun! I think you just wanted to be a part of everything going on around you. Once you could sit up on your own, you looked around at everything, and once you figured out the whole crawling thing, you were into whatever you could reach. Now you're a steady walker, and we had to do some serious baby proofing that we never had to do with your sister!

Your daddy and I have loved watching you grow from a tiny 6 lb 12 oz baby to a 20 pound toddler, who is into absolutely everything. You love to go, go, go, and you absolutely love to be outside. When you were in your rough stage of life (aka the first six months), you could be wailing away, but as soon as we took you outside, you were fine. You would just look around, taking it all in.


You've always had the best smile, and even when you were driving us crazy, you could flash that smile at all the strangers tricking them into thinking you must be such an easy-going, happy baby. And you've certainly won your mommy's heart with that smile over and over again.

Oh Jonah, I pray that you grow up to love Jesus. That everyone around you will want to love Him because of how you live your life. I want your life to be filled with so much love (and believe me, it already is!), but I want you to know Jesus and His love. His love is the only one that fills every hurt and hole in your heart. Because He is it- the only One who can love like that.

Your first year of life is such a celebration of your growth and change, and the fact that YOU make us a family of four.

We love you so much! Happy First Birthday!


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