Tuesday, April 21, 2015


I love love, and I love celebrating love! And I especially love it when it's for someone I love. (That's a lot of love!)

This past weekend I got to be a part of the proposal for one of my best friends, and it was so fun celebrating with her! Kristen was my roommate for three years in college, and she was there for every part of my relationship with Luke. Now I'm excited that she will get to experience the joy (and hard work!) of being a wife.

she's getting married next!

The trip to Dallas was a bit of a last minute decision. Kristen called me about two weeks ago to let me know that our other best friend Amy (one of my freshman year roomies) was flying down to see her for the weekend. Kristen thought I was still nursing Jonah and wouldn't be able to get away, but when she said she thought a proposal was possibly coming, I knew I wanted to be there. After a three-way call with Amy and Kristen, I texted Amy and she confirmed that the proposal was definitely happening that weekend.

I wanted so badly to be there, but Luke was already planning on being away at our church's men's retreat for the weekend, and I wasn't sure what we would do with the kids. BUT our amazing moms stepped in and watched them for us. I left Friday night and came up back Sunday morning, so it was a whirlwind of a trip. (And I think I got a total of six hours of sleep!)

David, Kristen's fiance, had called me to hash out some details of the plan before I flew down, so I knew that most of Saturday would be leisurely spent with Kristen and Amy, but that the proposal would happen that evening. David had set it up with some friends of his to do it at their house because David and Kristen go to their house regularly for game nights. David's friend sent Kristen an email inviting her over for a game night, which Kristen declined because she was having friends in town.

the three of us 7 1/2 years ago

I felt kind of bad about messing up David's plan, but Kristen had decided she was going to give us the true Texas experience and take us to the rodeo. David figured he could still make it work- we just couldn't let Kristen take us out to eat before the rodeo and we would have to figure out a way to get Kristen to go inside his friend's house, even though we were supposedly just swinging by to pick his friend up on our way to the rodeo.

When Kristen said she wanted to take us out for Mexican and margaritas, Amy played the part of not feeling well and suggested we stay in for dinner. It worked perfectly and I don't think Kristen suspected too much. Once we were in the car driving to David's friend's house, Amy and I were in the backseat texting each other because we were so excited and we thought that maybe Kristen knew what was coming when David sprung on her at the last minute that we were picking up her friend. We tried to distract her so that she wouldn't ask too many questions!

As David and I had discussed, when we pulled into his friend's driveway, I announced that I had to pee and asked if his friend wouldn't mind if used her restroom quickly. Kristen of course said it was fine, and then booked it out of the car and up to the front door where David's friend had left a note telling us to come on in and that she was in the back yard.

Kristen opened the back door and stepped out onto the little patio where there was a table set up with wine, candles, and the game of Life (because one of their favorite things to do with each other is play games). David quickly followed behind her and then shut the door behind him.

Amy and I were standing inside the house looking out on the patio taking pictures and a video, while the girl who lives at the house was hiding in her daughter's playhouse in the backyard snapping pictures. We couldn't hear anything, but it was so incredibly sweet and so exciting to be a part of!

they're getting married!

After the proposal and hearing what David had said, we headed back to Kristen's friend's house for an engagement party. Her entire family was there and lots of their friends. It was definitely a wonderful celebration, and everyone is looking forward to the wedding!

This trip also happened to be the first time I was spending a night away from Jonah. And really, I was a little more concerned about how Noelle would do since she falls asleep with me every night, and then somehow makes her way back to our bed even after Luke moves her when he comes to bed. But it sounds like they did well, and it makes me feel better about being able to go away for our anniversary, and then of course for Kristen's wedding!

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