Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Baby Cows and Dressing as Cows

My abilities at finding free or cheap things to do with kids are not so great, but last Monday we managed to find something fun to do with T and S. Jonah woke up earlier than usual, so I declared that we needed to stay at the house until he was able to take a morning nap. T and S found friends in the neighborhood to play with for a little while, and then once Jonah was up and we had eaten our lunches, we headed out to South Mountain Creamery. T and S had been before with their parents and had told me all about how they let you feed baby cows!

Unfortunately we didn't get there at the right time to feed the babies, but we did get to play on the little playground, ate some yummy fresh ice cream, and looked in on the baby cows. They were so precious, and at least two of them were just two days old! The stall doors were low enough that Jonah could stick his little hand in to say hi to the baby cow. I definitely want to go back sometime to feed one a bottle!

On Tuesday, we headed to Chick Fil A for Cow Appreciation Day. Jonah was dressed in the dalmatian costume Noelle wore for Halloween last year, but he passed for a little cow. I cut out black spots to tape on to a white dress for Noelle, and bobby-pinned cow ears on her head. We met Kristina and Lillian (who had the perfect cow costume from Halloween!), and enjoyed our free breakfasts and some play time in the play place. As always, the customer service was excellent, and the girl who took our order was so excited about all the kids coming in dressed as cows. 

Thanks for the picture, Kristina!

Later on in the week we had a play date with a friend of mine who I was in a play group with as a kid. It's crazy to think we were 3 and 4 years old playing with one another, and now our 5 kids are playing with one another! That makes being 30 feel old!

We celebrated our friend Owen's 2nd birthday on Saturday morning, and then Luke and I dropped the littles off at Grandma and Grandpa's house so we could have a day date! (Thanks, Mom W!) We did some shopping, saw Inside Out, ate out for dinner, and grabbed some Cold Stone before heading back. I have to say having uninterrupted time with Luke is one of the best things ever! I know it's so important for us to have fun with one another outside of being with our kids, and Saturday was just what we needed! 

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