Thursday, July 9, 2015

Happy 3rd Birthday, Noelle!

Dear Ellie,

How are you three already? I still remember your newborn days when you would fall asleep on my chest after your bottle. I remember holding you for the first time and marveling over the fact that I was a mom. Just how did you get so big so fast?

I love how you know when you're being a goofball, and you especially know it when you're doing something with your brother that makes mama and daddy laugh. I want to ingrain it in my memory the way you walk around the house singing "skip to my lou, skip to my lou, darling" way off key and missing a few words.

We somehow have become co-sleepers, sharing my bed every night as we both drift off. Daddy moves you when he comes to bed, and thankfully you've been staying in your bed for the rest of the night. I know that we should probably start putting you to bed earlier in your own bed, but that will be the end of a chapter I'm not quite ready to close.

I love that you call your brother "my Jonah" and always want to "help" put him down for a nap. The noise you make when I'm singing to him may not be the easiest way to get Jonah to sleep as he's always whipping his head around trying to see you.

You get to excited to see your friends- Lillian, Reagan, and Kaylee especially- when we are headed to church. When you're playing on the playground or the at a play place, you have no problem going up to other kids saying "Hi, I Ellie." And you get so sad when it's time to stop playing- our little social one!

Sometimes it takes you a little while to warm up, but when we're with family you love spending time and playing with them. You get so excited when I tell you we're going to "Nanny's" or "Grammy's" house.

After a little over a year of speech therapy, you are right where you should be. Sometimes you even say things that seem to come out of nowhere, and sometimes the way you say things just makes Daddy and me laugh. You love your Care Bear, watching Strawberry Shortcake, and Angelina Ballerina.

We love you so much, and love watching you grow. As you head off to pre-school in the fall, I know it will make me so sad to see you go, but I know that you'll love it!

And you will always be my baby girl. Happy 3rd Birthday!

Love you so much,


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