Monday, July 13, 2015

Last Week

Since I watch T and S on Mondays, I usually try to find something fun to do that will interest an 8 and 10 year old, while also making sure it won't be too crazy with having my two as well. Last Sunday as we were driving home from the beach, Luke came up with the great idea of going to the UTZ potato chip factory up in PA. It's not a super far drive, and it's something he and I both did as kids. When T and S came over last Monday morning, I was a little nervous about how they would feel about going on a tour, but I talked up the free potato chips that you get at the end (which I hoped was still the case!), and they were super excited about it!

Unfortunately my phone's navigation app was acting up and my printed directions got me a little confused (super directionally challenged here!), but after a few turn-arounds, we finally found the factory. The tour itself is a self-guided one down a long hallway with windows looking down into the factory and packaging warehouse. It was really cool to see how it went from whole potatoes to sliced up chips covered in flavor. T and S took turns pushing the buttons to hear the audio on what we could see, but we moved too fast to really hear any of it. Then we grabbed our free bags at the end, and headed over to the outlet store to pick up some more chips to take home.

On Saturday morning, Noelle and I headed to a birthday party for some of our MOPs friends who are turning 3 and 5. It was held at our local fire department, and it was so much fun! Noelle seemed a little hesitant at first, but after the ride on the fire truck and checking out the sleeping quarters for the fire fighters, she got more into it. And then of course she loved eating pizza and cake and running around with all the kids and the balloons. Definitely a party idea I'm keeping in mind for the future!

Saturday evening, Luke and I headed out to a wedding for my friend Emily. Emily and I went to church together from middle school through post-college, as well as both went to Grove City. I don't see her very often anymore, but she's definitely the type of friend that makes it feel like no time has passed when you see each other again. It was a fun mix of people I knew at the wedding including a friend from elementary school/church growing up, college friends, friends I met when running the American Odyssey Relay, and we got to sit with a couple who is in our small group and who is one of the MOPs leaders for CPC. It was a really fun wedding, and definitely brought the tears when Emily walked down the aisle, when the special music was sung, and when the mother-son dance was happening (my friend leaned over and whispered "You and Jonah some day!")

Also, after going to my church for 17 years, this is the first wedding I've ever attended there!

Sunday was pretty quiet. Church and then grocery shopping in the afternoon. Lately when we go shopping we check to see if there are any of the "mistake" cookies set out in the bakery for people to take. There were some this time and Jonah definitely enjoyed his!

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