Friday, February 19, 2016

Our Week

It's been a fun filled week with the littles!  Fun in the simple, every day way of hanging out and having adventures. And by adventures, I mean play dates and going to one of our favorite indoor places- THE MALL! (And most definitely not every moment was fun!)

after nap cupcake with a side of bedhead
Daddy had off on Monday for President's Day so we "slept in" and then hit up Chick Fil A for our free breakfast meals and some play time. On Tuesday we had a snow/ice day so no school for Noelle, and Daddy worked from home (which makes any day SO much better!). By the afternoon, it was sunny and had warmed up quite nicely, so we were able to escape the house to pick up some groceries (we sure know how to party!).

On Wednesday we had a play date with our church's MOPS group at a local nature center, and it was fun to watch Noelle and Jonah explore everything. Some favorites were the toddler room where they could touch everything, the ramp/path through the forest, and of course pushing buttons to go up the elevator. We even got yummy food afterwards with friends before heading home for a nap for Jonah!

Jonah is a teenager, and Noelle's facial expressions- always full of disdain!
After some begging from Noelle on Wednesday, we made our way to the mall on Thursday to do our usual carousel ride, play area, quarter rides, and lunch. The Lululemon store had a stand out in front with water, Kind bars, and flowers for people to take. Noelle loved the flower, and Jonah devoured the Kind bar as we made our way to the carousel. There may have been some spilled milk at lunch, Jonah falling out of the stroller on his face, and then only a short car nap on the way home, but overall, it was a fun morning just me and my babies.

We started our Friday with a play date with our other MOPS group at the home of our group's mentor mom. She has two sheep who bleated their hellos as we got out of the van, and Noelle loved it! She even sang them "Baa, Baa Black Sheep" as we were getting ourselves ready to drive back home. Our mentor mom had her kid's old toys out for all the MOPS kids to play with, and since there was a train set, Jonah was good to go, and Noelle loved the dollhouse and tea set. And I was especially grateful for my time with other mamas!

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