Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Baby and the Dentist

As of today, I'm 25 weeks pregnant! I catch glimpses of myself and still cannot believe I'm pregnant sometimes. I am SO SO thankful, and I'm trying to soak it all up. Like for real, I've taken far more "bump" shots with this baby than with the other two. I just want to capture it all and hold on to it!

20 week shot!
I had my 24 week appointment last Tuesday and we did the second part of the anatomy scan since baby wasn't super cooperative at the 20 week check. Baby's heartbeat was pumping along at 155, and everything anatomy-wise looked good. The sonographer tried like 5 different measurements of the head, hoping to get a bigger size, but overall baby is measuring about 2-3 weeks small. I saw one of the nurse practitioners after the sono, and she was concerned because baby's percentile went from the 33rd percentile at 20 weeks, to the 15th percentile at 24 weeks. She looked back and saw that Noelle and Jonah both measured around the 25th percentile at 20 weeks, and she said it could be possible that baby had a growth spurt right before the 20 week check, and is now settling into more of the general growth curve he or she will be on. Or there could be something more going on, so she referred me to the maternal fetal medicine place (aka high risk) to get monitored with another ultrasound which will also look at the flow of blood through the umbilical cord to see if baby is getting everything he or she needs through that.

I am of course really nervous that there will be something wrong. But also doing lots of praying and trusting that this baby is in God's hands. I keep reminding myself that Noelle and Jonah were both on the tinier side, though there weren't concerns until later on in my pregnancy with each of them. The nurse practitioner suggested I drink two protein shakes a day to help up my calories. I'm not sure I can handle two a day, but I figure between at least one shake, and then copious amounts of peanut butter, that should help get some good, healthy fats and protein into me and baby.

 Last week Jonah had his first trip to the dentist! We ended up having to find a new one because the one we've been going to for the past few years stopped taking our insurance, which was really sad because we love Dr. B! But the new dentist seemed really nice, and I also got my mouth checked while we were there because I've been having some sensitivity here and there. Based on some general 2nd trimester approved guidelines, they were able to take an x-ray and saw that an old filling needed to be replaced. That took about an hour, and thankfully both kids contentedly sat and played on tablets while the dentist worked on my mouth. Then Jonah sat in the chair like a big boy, opened his mouth, and took the fluoride like a champ. Definitely a world of difference from Noelle's first time when we basically held her down so the dentist could take a quick look in her mouth.

It's hard to believe we're already halfway through March, but I am looking forward to some consistent spring weather!

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  1. You obviously have a lot going on right now, with your two young children and especially the recent news with your baby. I know it's probably a little scary when you're not exactly sure what's going on yet but you obviously have a lot of faith and that will certainly get you through. Sending my prayers and best wishes!

    Freddie Kirkland @ Western Dental - San Jose Dentist