Thursday, March 23, 2017

Snow Day and the First Day of Spring

We had our first (and hopefully only!) "major" snowstorm early last week. Our weather alerts kept telling us we would get 6-12 inches, but probably got more like 4 inches of ice/snow. Schools were out for the day on Tuesday, but only a two hour delay for the next two days. I say, let's get this snow/ice melted and bring on spring!

Noelle made it outside twice for 5 minute increments before deciding it was too cold and coming back in. Jonah was out twice for at least a half hour each time, mostly just playing on the back deck while I watched from inside. We baked chocolate chip muffins, watched the Little Mermaid, and ate snow popsicles after dinner.

On Wednesday last week I had the ultrasound for baby at the maternal fetal medicine place. The sonographer spent about 40 minutes looking over baby, and then the doctor came in for about 15 minutes. Baby had completely flipped and was butt down with his or her head and legs over to my left side. I think this made it so much easier to get  good measurements, and baby was measuring right back where he or she was at 20 weeks. Praise the Lord! AND even though they were being careful to tell me when to look away, I thought the doctor said something about little guy?? But I couldn't hear her very well because she was talking quietly to the sonographer. But maybe it's a boy!

And we got a cute little shot of baby's hand. LOVE!

For this first day of spring on Monday, I took the kids to Rita's for our free Italian ice. Our local Rita's had two other people there when we arrived, so we didn't have to wait in any kind of line, which was perfect! Then my parents texted me in the evening asking if we wanted to meet them at Dairy Queen for the free vanilla ice cream cone. And again, only a few people in front of us. Double the sugar, double the fun!

Eating Rita's in the car

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