Friday, March 31, 2017

Some Snapshots From Our Week

Another Friday, another donut date with the J-man.  This time we did it drive-thru style and brought it home since spring is officially here and it's super rainy. And of course Jonah ate it the best way possible- frosting first! And 30 seconds later, there was even more chocolate on his face, including his nose.

Someone loves to copy his big sister and put on all her accessories (which recently have been super hero accessories), and then he says "I'm so fancy!" Yes, yes you are, Jonah.

Another Wednesday, another day with Holden. After Heather dropped him off around 7:00, we did our usual running around in the morning to take Ellie to school, make a quick run to the grocery store, and then back to pick up our favorite girl. And then another quiet afternoon at home while he took a three hour nap. Love this little munchkin!

Another day, another shot of the growing bump! 27 weeks (and 3 days today!) and growing bigger! I feel like a whale, but still have SO much growing to do. And I'm so thankful to do so! I've been feeling lots of movement the last few days, which is so much better than earlier in the week when I wasn't feeling much at all and even busted out the heart doppler in the middle of the night one night because I was so stressed about baby. Grow, baby, grow!

Our Monday morning started with an early play date, picking up Holden for a few hours, and picking up my neighbor's son from preschool. We played, ate lunch, gave Holden a nap, and then drove him home to his daddy. Then, since it was SO beautiful out, we stopped and played at the train playground for a bit. While we were there, a train went by, and every single kid on the playground stopped playing and ran over to the little field to watch it go by. It reminded me of my childhood when my dad would take us down to the train station and we'd put pennies on the track to get flattened by a train.

And Jonah just loungin in his Thomas the train robe that he insists on wearing to bed almost every single night- mostly as a delay tactic.

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