Monday, May 1, 2017

Some Randomness from April

First, I can officially say my due date is NEXT MONTH! I was talking to my sister this morning, and told her I could say I was having a baby next month, but since I'm not due till the 27th, I figure there's a good chance this baby could come in July. (Noelle was 10 days early and Jonah was 2 days late, so only God really knows what's going to happen!)

Second, I got my weekly email from Thrive Moms this morning with a little devotional about how Jesus came to give life and to give it abundantly (John 10:10.) As a mom with little people, it's so easy to think that the season I'm in is about survival. I certainly felt that way for the first year of Jonah's life- get through the sleepless nights, get through the breastfeeding, get through not being able to go out for girls nights because my child would not take a bottle! But Jesus still wants me to live abundantly in Him- and to become more like Him every day. Something I need to remember always!

We finished off the month of April with a trip to the circus, thanks to Nana and Grandpa! The circus is shutting down after this tour, so it was our chance to see it. In my memory, going to the circus involved going to a tent with three rings, and watching multiple acts going on throughout. We went to the climate controlled Royal Farms Arena with easily accessible bathrooms- definitely a win for this pregnant lady! Noelle says she loved the acrobats and horses, and Jonah seemed to like the acts with animals and things on wheels (aka little motorcycles, basket on unicycles, etc.)

so not cooperating for a picture

A week and a half ago, Noelle had her last pre-k field trip! At the beginning of the year, Luke and I had talked about him going on this trip with her, but once it came around, I decided there was no way I was going to miss out on her very last one! While Grandma and Grandpa treated Jonah to a day of fun, Noelle and I headed to her school to ride the bus to the zoo and see all the animals. Her favorite was the baby giraffe, and she always loves to pose as a flamingo!

checking out the mommy giraffe
Holden has been here every Wednesday, plus a few other days here and there. We always love having this little munchkin around! At the end of last week, he started army crawling around to get to the things (or people) he wanted. His determination is adorable and hilarious! And Noelle and Jonah are usually happy to see him (thank goodness Jonah seems to be getting better about sharing mommy!)

We also went to the Peep Show, a local event where people build various things out of Peeps. I had Holden and James the day we decided to go (we wanted to do it before the schools were out for their break) so my mom came along with me. The kids seemed to enjoy it, and were able to vote by sticking little tickets into the containers next to their favorite ones. Though their absolute favorite may have been the popcorn and lollipop they got at the end!

And of course, I love doing it all with this guy! 

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