Friday, July 18, 2014

Blueberry Picking Adventure

Yesterday morning involved a lot of this...

Jonah being his cranky self

So it was a good thing we had an adventure planned for the day.  My mom had texted me the day before to see if we wanted to go blueberry picking at Larriland Farm, and I was all for it!  Especially since we've been having temperatures in the low 80s and no humidity.  In Maryland. In July.  Definitely not the norm.

My mom came over and we packed up a sunscreen covered Noelle, and a somewhat less cranky Jonah, and headed to the farm.  Noelle brought her own bucket, we picked up bags, and then headed down a row of blueberry bushes.

 this girl loved having her own bucket

My mom mostly stuck with Noelle to help her pick out the ripe blueberries.  Noelle's method was one in the bucket, one in her tummy.

Jonah slept in the stroller next to me, while I tried to fill up a bag with as many as possible.  The deal was that if you collected 10 pounds, it was cheaper per pound, and we figured between the three of us, we could maybe pick that much. Not so much- I think we picked less than 3 pounds total and we were out there for over an hour.

After we finished picking, we had a little picnic next to the goats and alpacas (or llamas maybe?), and watched the tractors driving back and forth.

Overall, both kids did great and we got to enjoy a beautiful summer day!  And now we have some yummy blueberries to devour.

Noelle and Nana checking out the goat

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