Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Jonah: 3 Month Update

Happy 3 Months to our little Jonah!

Height and Weight: No official doctor's appointment at 3 months, but based on me holding him while standing on our scale and subtracting my weight, he weighs about 12 1/2 pounds.  And he's way too wiggly for me to measure length, so we'll get that next month.

Sleep:  The last week has been pretty awful!  He'd been doing so well, consistently going to bed around 9, waking up for a feeding between 1 and 2, and then again around 5.  But the last week, he's been waking up 3 or 4 times, and the other night he woke up at 4:30 after finishing eating at 3:30, but when I tried to feed him, he just fell asleep and then cried when I put him back in the bassinet.  Luke ended up taking him down to the basement, where he was awake until 6.  I'm praying we can get back down to one wake up a night!

                                                            Care Bear and Jonah are swaddled and ready for bed

He is a very inconsistent napper, but I think that's partially my fault for not really putting him into any kind of routine.  He does not sleep well when we're out and about, and a lot of days he will just take little cat naps throughout the day and be really fussy during his awake periods (though I have no idea what the root of the fussiness is at this point).  Just this week, I've been trying to focus on his patterns more so I can get him into a routine and maybe get him to nap consistently.

Eating:  He still eats a good amount, though it's hard to say because I often try to feed him whenever he's fussy, which is all the time.  We've been giving him the zantac that the pediatrician prescribed at his 2 month appointment, but so far does not seem to be helping.  And I've eliminated dairy from my diet, but I know that can take a few weeks.  I'm thinking I may need to eliminate other things as well to see if that helps.

Diapers/Clothing:  I went through his clothes over the weekend and took out all the little hats, as well as the 0-3 month sleepers.  Even the 3 month sleepers are getting a little snug.  But if a 3 month outfit doesn't have footies, he still fits it pretty well.  He's still in size 1 diapers, but I have a feeling it won't be too much longer till we're switching those out!

Social/Milestones:  Lots of smiles!  At least during his brief happy moments throughout the day.  When he does have a happy moment, he is very smiley and will coo back and stick out his tongue.  I haven't been pushing tummy time like I probably should so he hasn't really had much chance to be on his tummy. Hopefully once his fussiness calms down some we can work on that.  He's also started clasping his hands together, and gets a firm grip on my hair and shirt when I'm feeding him.

                                           family picture on Noelle's 2nd birthday- Jonah was being fussy as usual

Likes:  Still seems to like bath time, especially when we're pouring water over him.  If he's fussy prior to going in the bath, he'll start crying once he's been in for a little while.  Likes having lots of attention after he's had a good stretch of sleep and wakes up happy.  Sometimes a walk outside can help him stop crying, especially in the evenings. And of course loves to eat!

Dislikes: He really dislikes the transition from the bathtub to the towel- poor kid screams bloody murder. Doesn't like to be on his tummy.  Does not like dirty diapers.

Fun things we did:  At the beginning of July we celebrated Noelle's 2nd birthday and went to the Amish market with Nana and my sisters, where Jonah slept and ate.  On the 4th of July we bought our mini-van, and then had some friends over for a cookout. In mid-July, Luke was in a wedding, so the littles were left with grandma one evening for the rehearsal, and with Nana for about 8 hours on the wedding day.  Jonah cried for most of that time and refused to take the bottle until the end, but they all survived.  We went blueberry picking with Nana, and had a few play dates sprinkled throughout the last month.

Some more pictures from the past month:

dressing the littles in coordinating whale onsies

all nautical for church

sitting on daddy

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