Thursday, July 3, 2014

Happy Birthday, Noelle!

My dear sweet girl, my little miss, my Ellie,

I cannot believe you are already two years old!  Time has gone way too quickly since you were born. It seems like I was just finding out I was pregnant and rejoicing that the Lord chose to bless us with a baby!

It has been so fun to see all the growth, changes, and learning that has happened over these two years. Within a week of your first birthday I saw you take your first independent steps.  Now it's hard to think there was a time when you weren't walking on your own!  It's always amazing to me the things that you understand, and just how much you are able to mimic what people around you are doing.  I remember I spilled some water out of the cat's water bowl and went to get a towel to wipe it up.  You opened up the towel drawer and grabbed a towel to come "help" me out.

Though we are still working on things in the speech department, you have increased your vocabulary quite a bit in just the last few months.  You at least attempt to say more words, and it makes me so proud! You love to point out things like water, whales, shoes, sticks (and stickers), buses, bugs, and so much more.

And I so love being your mom!  I remember the day we found out we were having a girl and texting everyone we knew to let them know.  It was exciting to know that I would be having a daughter, and would get to watch her grow up.  And you will always be the one that made me a mommy. You are a mix of a girly-girl- carrying around a purse and chatting away on your cell phone, and tomboy- always picking up sticks and rocks when we go on walks

You bring smiles to our faces on a daily basis.  You know when you're being goofy and will keep doing whatever it is that is making us laugh just to keep us laughing.  You like to make sure that everyone in the room has a coaster/plate/pencil/whatever it is that you are passing around!

You love to see your Grandma and Nana, and grandpas, and aunts, and uncles.  Since you were the first for everyone, you are so very loved!  They always ask when we're getting to a family event because they want to see YOU!

You love your Care Bear and your Curious George, and it seems like you always have at least 4 stuffed animals and babies in your crib with you.  You love to put diapers and pajamas on them, and wrap up your babies like you see us do with Jonah.

You love to eat- especially black beans, fruit, bread, and cheese!  You can eat more than one piece of pizza all by yourself, and you and mommy can devour a carton of strawberries in one sitting.  You still drink plenty of milk, and always drink off of mommy's water bottle.

You're a great big sister to Jonah.  When we brought him home and daddy laid him on the floor, you laid down next to him so you could get a close look.  And whenever I sit the two of you next to each other, you love to lean over and give him a kiss.  His crying doesn't seem to bother you at all, and you have done a great job of sharing mommy with him.

We love you so incredibly much, and feel so blessed to be your mommy and daddy.  God certainly knew what He was doing when He blessed us with you!

Happy 2nd Birthday!!


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