Monday, July 21, 2014


Just wanted to remember some things that have happened in the last few weeks. :)

* Noelle had her first public temper tantrum.  Thankfully, the Lord was giving me an extra portion of grace that day because instead of just getting frustrated (which I was), I couldn't help but find it humorous.  We were out grabbing just three things from the grocery store, so I strapped Jonah into the ergo and figured Noelle could walk for the 5 minutes we would be there.

the car shopping cart from our previous trip

Well, on the way into the store, she spotted the carts with the fun little cars attached to the front that we had used during our last trip to the store.  She insisted on going over to them, and when I said no, she started crying and wouldn't come with me.  I took her hand and led her into the store, but she pulled away from me once we were inside and stood there crying, saying "no" and pointing outside.  At one point, she sat down on her hiney, and scooted along the aisle that way until I picked her up and carried her with me.  Needless to say, a 5 minute trip turned into at least 15 minutes.

* Jonah has been quite the fuss bucket for the last 6 weeks or so, and a friend suggested I try going dairy free just to see if that would help him.  At just two days in, I had already unknowingly consumed dairy.  But I'm trying to keep going and am using Pinterest to search for dairy free recipes.  And googling everything! This has led to getting information on the Whole30  and Paleo diets.  I figure if I use recipes from those, I'll be good.

The big thing for going dairy free was giving up my little bit of coffee in my creamer.  And my favorite Starbucks drink.  But no worries, I googled it, and as long as I order a soy mocha, it's still dairy free.  Just costs me close to $5!  And I really miss my chocolate!

* Running is really important to me and gives me some alone time where I'm not attached to a child.  On July 19th, I ran 6 miles- the furthest I've run since having Jonah, and the furthest I've gone since March.  I started off feeling like I was not going to make it very far, but felt pretty good by the end.  It wasn't fast and it wasn't pretty, but it feels so good to be building up my runs!

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