Sunday, August 31, 2014

Date Night and Milking a Cow

Last Friday, a few days before Luke's birthday, Luke's mom offered to watch the kids so that we could go out on a date.  We have not been on a date in a long time.  We also haven't been to see a movie together since before Noelle was born...guess we'll have to work on that one.We did have a quick 30 minutes just the two of us when we were in Tennessee when we ran out to pick up Jonah's prescription.  And other than that, I can't remember when we've been together without kids!

We knew we couldn't be long since Jonah wouldn't eat anything for his mom, but I tanked him up right before we left, and then we headed to Olive Garden to load up on delicious carbs.  We got the buzzer, but we were told it would be close to an hour wait.  It was already 7:00, which meant we probably wouldn't even get food until after 8:30, aka bedtime for the littles.  So we nixed that idea and headed to the super fancy Chipotle- food we both know and love.  And we even splurged and got the chips and guacamole.

obviously an old pic- from a Christmas date in 2010

We ended the evening together sitting on the bumper of our van, enjoying some of our favorite ice cream from Hoffman's, chatting away about life.  One thing that worried me about becoming a full-time stay at home mom was that I wouldn't have anything interesting to talk about with Luke.  I mean, what all can you say about changing diapers and doing laundry?  But I've actually found the opposite to be true- the conversation seems to flow even more so than when I was working part time.  Between stories about the kids (and yes, telling him about an extra spectacular blowout from Jonah), telling him the things I'm pursuing outside of the house, and who even knows what else, we have plenty to talk about.  Life is certainly full and abundant when raising children!

Last Sunday, we headed to the Maryland State Fair to check out the animals and fun!

Noelle checking out the mini horse

It had been a rough day the day before with the littles (they both have colds), and I figured out for sure that my pinky toe is broken.  Which means no running for a good long while to let it heal.  Which means no running the two races I had signed up for the day before I broke it.  Believe me, for a runner, it's pretty devastating to not be able to run.  But in the meantime, I'll focus on other things, enjoy my family, and pursue other passions.

cheesy girl enjoying her hot dog

But back to the fair.  The kids did pretty well- Noelle was in the stroller or walking, and Jonah was in the ergo with one stop to nurse him.  We checked out the animals, and looked at some of the displays, and got some lunch.  We decided that the kids lasting for three hours was a win!

Strollers were not allowed in the barn/horse arena, and as we were loading the kids back up, the older gentleman guarding the stroller holding area said "you certainly have your hands full!"  And then he suggested, oh so kindly, that maybe next time we should just get cable.  Awkward much?

this picture was all Luke's idea, but hilarious

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