Monday, August 25, 2014

Happy Birthday Luke!

Happy 29th Birthday to Luke!

self timer family picture

I am so thankful for a husband who loves us so well, and works hard to take care of us.  I've been on a trip down memory lane thinking about the first summer I met Luke, and how we celebrated his 15th birthday after spending the summer on a missions trip.  That's 14 years of friendship and love, and watching each other grow up.  It's fun to look back at our friendship in high school and freshman year of college, and then remembering how we made our more-than-friends relationship official in the middle of the quad at Grove City.  I love that we've been able to spend these years together and see each other through ups and downs. 

at my sorority's spring party in 2006

And now it's fun watching Luke as a dad.  We both certainly have our flaws, but not only is he incredibly patient with me, he is patient with the kids (for the most part!).  So many times he has taken Jonah down to the basement in the middle of the night when he won't stop crying just so that I can get some sleep.  He gets excited when Noelle learns something new, and laughs at her silly antics.  He takes on dad duty very willingly when he knows that I need some time to myself.  Parenthood is definitely not easy, but I'm thankful I get to take that journey with Luke and that it has strengthened our relationship even more!

Easter pic right before Jonah was born

God has blessed us abundantly by you, and we love you so much and look forward to celebrating so many more birthdays with you!

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