Friday, August 29, 2014

Just For Fun

At this point we are undecided about whether or not to send Noelle to preschool.  Luke didn't attend preschool, but I did for both 2 and 3 years old.  I know that most of what kids learn in preschool can be taught at home, and either way, I would work with her on that knowledge.

From what I know and have researched, preschool exposes kids to numbers, letters, colors, etc, but it also teaches them how to be students.  Doing things like raising their hands and taking turns.  With Noelle, a big factor will be if her speech improves over the next year.  If she is still delayed, I think there could be a big benefit to being in a school setting, especially if there is a specific program to work with speech.

In the meantime, I love seeing all of the pictures of kids for back-to-school at this time of year and decided to snap a few of Noelle with her pink kitty-cat backpack.  It was fun to do, but I am so thankful I have her home with me for awhile longer- she's already grown up way too fast!

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