Thursday, August 7, 2014

Tennessee Happenings

On Sunday morning, we headed out to Caleb and Debbie's church with the whole family.  We dropped Noelle off at their state of the art nursery- they log all your info into a database and then can text you if you need to come pick up your child.  I wasn't sure how Noelle would do because recently she has fussed about being handed over to nursery at our own church.  But I walked her up to the door and one of the workers took her hand and lead her over to the play dough and she paid no attention to me leaving.  It worked out great!  I ended up spending the service in the nursing mother's room/pacing the lobby with our oh so fussy Jonah.  But everyone was so friendly, and many other moms talked with me.  Even if I didn't get to fully listen to the sermon, I did get to do some fellowshipping.

family picture before church

On Monday, the guys went to their mecca- an arcade place.  My mother-in-law was great and took Noelle with them so that I could stay home with the fussy Jonah.  The poor kid has been a mess for about two months now, but we picked up a rx for a reflux med that we're praying will kick in and help.  It was nice to be able to be at the house with just him and put him down for naps as needed since he does not ever sleep when we're out and about unless he's nursing.

a rare happy moment

On Tuesday, Caleb and Debbie took us to downtown Nashville to check out an amazing farmer's market.  It's in a permanent structure where different vendors can set up throughout the week, and also has a food court with a wide variety of foods.  We picked up lunch in the foodcourt, and then bought some Georgia peaches on the way out.  They are so good- I've been devouring at least 3 a day!

waiting for our lunch

I'm loving that I have been able to get in some great runs while we've been here.  Mornings are pretty relaxed, and between Luke, grandma, and the aunts, the kids have been in great hands.  I think Noelle especially is loving all the one-on-one attention she is getting.  The neighborhood has a nice trail that I've been able to run along, and I've done a few runs just around the neighborhood streets.  I enjoy seeing all of the houses and picking out what I like about each one.  But I am definitely going to miss all the extra hands when we're back home!

Aunt Debbie and Jonah

Wednesday night we headed to the Williamson County Fair.  I was especially excited about it because we're missing the Howard County Fair at home this week.  It was fun wandering around taking in all the fun lights and rides, and getting free samples.  Jonah was pretty fussy so I ended up spending most of the time trying to walk him around and feeding him.  But I did eat some yummy fair food- a delicious pita stuffed with veggies, chicken, and ceasar dressing, and some handmade ice cream.  So thankful I'm not dairy free anymore and get to enjoy the yummy goodness of ice cream!

grandma and her grandbabies

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