Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Jonah: 12 Month Update

And just like that we have a one year old! In the last two weeks I have definitely been caught up in all the memories of my last doctor's appointment, going through labor, the drive to the hospital, holding Jonah for the first time, waiting for forever to leave the hospital, and driving home in the pouring rain. It just doesn't seem like it should have gone by this quickly!

Height and Weight: At his appointment last Monday, he weighed in at 20 pounds 3 ounces (14%), and 29 inches (24%). He gained three pounds and two inches since his nine month appointment, which the pediatrician was happy to see.  And he seems to be back on the curve he had been on for weight, so we just have to keep him growing!

Sleep: He has still been pretty good at consistently sleeping through the night, except for the week he turned one. He had an 8th tooth pop through on his birthday, so I think that explains why he was waking up fussy a couple of times a night. But now we're back on track and he's sleeping from about 7 p.m. to 7 a.m.

Naps are still usually one in the morning and a shorter one in the afternoon. I'm hoping he'll drop the morning one and just take a longer afternoon nap so that we can go out and do things in the morning without messing up his routine.


Eating: We are giving him mostly cows milk now, usually five 4 ounce bottles throughout the day. He knows how to drink out of a straw cup and sippy cup, but it takes him so much longer so I've still been using a bottle. The pediatrician said they like the see babies off the bottle by 15 months, so we've got to work on that!

He eats three meals a day, as well as snacks. He likes peanut butter sandwiches, cheese, applesauce, yogurt, fruities, and will usually at least try to eat a little bit of whatever I am eating. He's not great with veggies, but at least he gets some through the fruities!

Diapers/Clothing: He is wearing a size three diaper and in 12 month clothes. I think he'll be able to wear 12 months for awhile, but we have some generous friends who have given us hand-me-downs for Jonah and the 12 month stuff is so cute!

Social/Milestones: He got his eighth tooth (fourth bottom tooth) on his first birthday. I think he has twice as many teeth as Noelle had by her first birthday. Crazy! He is everywhere and can go from sitting on the floor to standing without holding on to anything. He loves to push around the little car we have for the kids to ride in, and pick up the ball and walk around with it. We have a new carseat for him, but haven't installed it yet- though he'll still be rear-facing.

Likes/Dislikes: At this point, it seems that his main dislikes are not getting sleep and teething. He gets extra clingy and fussy when those things are happening. He also still doesn't love being left at nursery (got called to pick him up this past week), but he also did fine when I left him at my mom's when I ran a race.

He loves the outdoors, loves Noelle unless she is pulling him around, and LOVES his daddy and gets super smiley when Luke gets home from work. He loves being able to walk on his own.

Fun things we did: Jonah celebrated his first Easter, witnessed several Easter Egg hunts, went on some play dates, and spent his first two nights away from mom when I went to Texas. We celebrated my 30th birthday, as well as enjoyed visits from his great grandmother and other west coast relatives as well as Aunt Hannah.

Some pictures from the month:

checking out animals at PetSmart

Jonah making messes as usual

Grandpa gives the best rides in boxes

playing with a dog at Old Navy

some playground fun

a MOPS play date to the trampoline park

birthday cupcake for Jonah

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