Friday, August 19, 2016

Four Things From Our Week


On Tuesday this past week we were invited for a morning of swimming in one of our friend's pools. With summer being a busy time in general, and vacations and such, we hadn't seen these friends in awhile so it was good to catch up. Tuesday was a hot day, and Noelle and Jonah were excited at the prospect of playing in the pool. We "swam" around for awhile, and then ate our picnic lunch of PB&J and watermelon.

While I sat at the table catching up with my friend, Noelle and Jonah played on the steps of the pool right in front of me. At one point Jonah brought over a water gun and I showed him how to work it, but told him it needed more water. I opened it for him and told him to dunk it under the water. He ran off to do it, and as I scanned the pool I noticed I didn't see him anymore and then saw a little body UNDER the water. I jumped up, got to him as quickly as I could and pulled him out.

He was a little bit shaken up, but wasn't coughing up water or sputtering. My friend said he was probably holding his breath while he was under. I feel like a horrible mom (and know that I am one!) for letting that happen. And that night when I was trying to sleep, every time I closed my eyes, I saw him flailing around under the water. My friend's daughter was sitting on a raft right next to him, and if the raft had been further up by like 6 inches, I probably wouldn't have been able to see him. Just typing that makes my heart beat harder and my eyes tear up! Thank you, Jesus, for keeping him safe!

I almost never check on him once I put him to bed for the night because the slightest thing will wake him up, but after our day I most definitely checked that he was still breathing.


Wednesday morning was a busy morning of running to the doctor's for the usual blood work and ultrasound, then off to church to do a training for our MOPPETS workers. I was so nervous about it because I do not at all enjoy speaking in front of people. But our workers our amazing, and they were engaged in the training, asked great questions, and seemed excited about the year ahead! Now I'm just praying that our first meeting in September goes smoothly since about half of our regular workers will be out and we'll have subs.

After that we headed to the mall Chick Fil A to meet our friend Jess. She and her husband are moving away this weekend, and we'd missed their going away party. I wanted to see her before she left, and it was good to have some time to catch up and give her a hug good-bye. The good news is she and her husband are moving to Nashville, and Luke and I just scheduled a trip down there in September to visit his brother, and Jess and I were already making plans to see them as well!


Thursday we had a play date at our friend's house to make butter (and eat, of course!) My friend filled little mason jars with cream, and set the timer to shake them for 20 minutes. The kids were into it for the first three minutes or so, and then the five of us moms stood around shaking them. It was a fun activity though- and maybe the kids will remember this learning experience! And my friend made her delicious bread, which we slathered with our freshly made butter- so yum!


After another blood work and ultrasound visit this morning, I headed out to the Howard County Conservancy to meet a friend for a play date there. It's only about 10 minutes from our house, and even though I've driven past it so many times, we'd never been. And even though we spent close to two hours there, we didn't cover much ground at all! I definitely want to take the kids back to explore more of the trails, see the chickens, visit the owl, and say hi to the turtle again. We ate our picnic lunch there, and then headed over to the famous Snowball Stand for an afternoon treat.

All this week, Luke has been working from home because the portion of the metro line he takes in to work has been getting worked on and was out of commission. Rather than making him dodge around that and deal with commuting a different way, his boss was amazing and let him work from home most of last week and this week. We've been spoiled being able to sleep in a little later, and having him done work and home by 4:30-5:00. Sadly, on Monday he'll be back to commuting four days a week, but it was nice while it lasted!

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