Monday, August 29, 2016

Weekend Snapshots

Last night my sister and her husband came over to eat dinner with us and hang out. After we were done eating, I suggested they run out for a quick dessert date while I watched Holden. Completely selfish on my part- I wanted time with my baby nephew!

They were gone for only about 25 minutes, and in that brief time I got a glimpse of what life with three kids would be like. Ellie was "playing" the ukulele and singing a made up song, while Jonah jumped around, almost landing on Holden multiple times. Holden spent a good chunk of the time lying on a blanket, his eyes open, almost as if he was trying to see what on earth his cousins were up to. Ellie brought over a book for me to read to Holden, and kept insisting I read it, as I tried to keep Jonah from sitting on Holden.

It was chaotic, but oh so sweet to see how Noelle was interacting with a baby, and how Jonah was interested in Holden, but also wanted to make sure he had my attention. I pray that our life is like that one day!

Rewinding to Friday, I asked my mom to watch the kids OVERNIGHT so that Luke and I could join our friends celebrating our friend Megan's birthday. Her husband surprised her by planning for a group of us to meet up for dinner and then go out dancing in Baltimore. Megan and Joe both love dancing, and while Luke is not the biggest fan, I convinced him to go and hang out with our friends. And told him he didn't have to dance, and that we wouldn't stay out late.

We didn't meet everyone until 8:30 (about 30 minutes before my normal bedtime) but we devoured delicious pizza at &Pizza, and then headed to the bar, Nobles. It was loud and crazy, but we talked (shouted!) and "danced" with our group of friends from church. Luke and I made it to 11:00 and then decided to head home. A late night for us, and something totally not typical for us to do, but it was fun to be with friends! (Also, I hit a minor parenting milestone- I slept in OUR house without children for the first time since I had Noelle. Exciting, I know!)

And then Saturday we slept in (till about 7:00 for me) and then met my parents to head to a MOPS pool party. Lots of fun and sun!

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