Wednesday, August 10, 2016

The County Fair

The Howard County Fair is in full swing this week, and we've now been twice to enjoy all the fun. After church on Sunday, we decided to risk no nap for Jonah and headed on down because the weather was too nice not to take advantage of it. Sunny and almost no humidity - very rare for August in Maryland!

We wandered around through the cow barns, visited the pigs and sheep, and Noelle and Jonah played in a little corn kernel box for awhile. We treated ourselves to a giant cup of lemonade, and then bought a few tickets so the kids could go on the rides. Pretty much since the beginning of the summer, Noelle has been saying that she wants to ride a ferris wheel- how she knows what a ferris wheel is, we're not entirely sure. But she kept saying that's what she wanted to do at the fair, so ride it we did. 

Ride tickets were $1 each (crazy!!), and the ferris wheel was 5 tickets per rider. We decided that she and I would ride the ferris wheel together, and then find one or two smaller rides for her and Jonah to both ride on. I wasn't sure if she would be scared once we were up high, but she loved it! She could see the cars and trucks going by on Route 70 and we could see horses down at the horse ring. She kept saying "this is so much fun!"

We found some smaller rides to do, and then headed home for dinner and some downtime. My friend had told me that on Tuesday, there would be a deal where you pay $12 for a wristband for unlimited rides. Since the kids loved the rides so much, Luke encouraged me to take them again. And since the rides didn't open until 2 p.m., it meant another no nap day for Jonah. But they were both so excited and it kept me hopeful that they would be having too much to get cranky!

I ended up getting a wristband for myself as well since Noelle said she wanted to do the ferris wheel again, and it ended up being better that way because Jonah was too short to ride a bunch of the smaller rides without an adult. We did the teacups SO many times (oh my word- the spinning!), the ferris wheel twice, the carousel, and some others. After Luke was done work, he joined us at the fair and brought dinner and water. That rejuvenated us enough to do a few more rides (it was getting more crowded), and then we headed home for bed. 

All in all, the kids and I were there for about five hours, and they both did really well for the most part. I loved hearing their laughter and seeing the big ol' smiles on their faces- definitely worth it!

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