Thursday, August 25, 2016

Happy Birthday, Luke!

Happy Birthday, Luke!!

We love you so much, and appreciate ALL that you do for our little family! Thank you for your unending support, constant patience, and for making me laugh when I'm in tears. So thankful to be doing life with you!

skipping rocks with daddy
And for your birthday, I interviewed our children and asked them some questions about you. Boom- best present ever!

What is something daddy always says to you?
Noelle (age 4): "Go poop on the potty!"
Jonah (age 2): "No"

What makes daddy happy?
N: "when I poop on the potty." "he likes us, that makes him happy"
J: "I don't know."

What does daddy do to make you laugh?
N: "Jump me on the bed"
J: "Jump me on the bed"

What is daddy's favorite thing to do?
N: "Play his guitar"
J: "I don't know"

What does daddy do after you go to bed?
N: "Play games"
J: "I don't know" also "I play games with daddy"

What is daddy really good at?
N: "I don't know"
J: "I don't know"

How do you know daddy loves you?
N: "God"
J: "God loves me"

What does daddy do for a job?
N: "typing on a computer"
J: "God"

What does daddy like most about mommy?
N: "I think daddy likes your driving" (after I prompted her with a few ideas)
J: "I don't know"

What is daddy's favorite place to go?
N: "Is it Chick Fil A?"
J: "To Chick Fila A!"

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